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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 7, 4th of August: I <3 Weekends

I slept very long for I was very tired of the week & my vacation was not really slow at all. When I got up I walked with Lisa to  grocery store and we bought some stuff for our vegetarian (and even more VEGAN!) Sushi!!! Whoohoo!!! Finally I ate Sushi and I kinda know now hot it goes =) And it is pretty easy (I am going to tell in a seperate post but show here some pictures how we made it).

I love it! We put in it carrotts, cucumber, courgette, raw tofu with herbs and avocado.

preapring the rice

preparing the rice No.2

We had 3 big plates of sushi to eat plus ginger, wasabi and soy-sauce. It was so awesome delicious and cheap cuz we ade it on our own!!! It was the perfect start of the day!

Then Lisa and me got to the theatre she is working at and after quickly showing me around we parted and I walked a little tour through Altona where I met a summer-school mate of mine. Big city but still you accidentally meet people, I love it!

“at night it’s colder than outside”

“fröhliche stunde”

Then I went straight to Feldstrasse where I headed to Marktstrasse to have cake at Gretchen’s Villa, as you already know! It was so beauitful there! And nice staff as well!


Claudia from Braunschweig texted me while I was sitting and writing there that we would meet at the Summer Dom. This is a very huge carnival which lasts a month in summer and a month in winter. Every friday is fireworks. I know this event since I was a little kid and I still like it.

Now there is a rollercoaster in the shape of  the 5 Olympic Game Rings, because of the Games in London right now. We spent 2 hours there then we said goodbye again.

After that I met Chris and friends of him at the Sternschanze to drink a beer in the park and going for drinking to St. Pauli. It was very funny! We went to “Na Und?!” to drink “Grüne Scheisswichse”, a very aweful drink, Lucky Star for a cheap “Mexicaner”, “Bad Taste” where we played kicker, one place at the Schulterblatt, spent some minutes at the “Knust” and then to a party at “Molotov”.

I went home around 2 am for nothing good ever happens after 2am, you know =) (I had to sleep to be awake at the Lion King the next morning) It was a very nice day, though!

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