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The One With The Packing


I am back for short, for my typwriter’s cramp is not gone for good still… But I feel the need of writing to you.

It is so funny… I’ve got this huge backpack you saw on some pictures before-inside there were clothes for 6 weeks! And when I am going back home for a weekend, it is almost (correcting: it is) even fuller than for my travel :D

But seriously… I am a girl, I have to have several clothes for the weekend, plus shoes- plus I have one gig on sunday morning so therefor I have to take my wellingtons and my guitar and my ukulele with me… Too much stuff- I have to reduce a little bit!

See you hopefully next week.

Finally: I will see Glen Hansard on stage- monday evening… I am so(!!!) excited!!!


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The Quick One Edition No. 2: Hamburg Week 2

2nd part of the short review, have fun.

rain. what a surprise here

we had vegan sushi on saturday

another weather same day

i use to say that as well

Doris at Gretchen’s Villa

Bunker and Dom

Schwarzwald Mädel <3

The 3

Bad Taste, St. Pauli

Grand Brie- Großer Keese

Ship to the Lion King

right before the show

Happy :P

The Cast

Chinese Festival at Cityhall square

Jenny :)

Doris in fron of Lady Liberty


my friend and I a a workshop of my professor


my Professor for the last 2 weeks, Mr. Kondo

guess who’s that :D

art in Bergedorf

Souvenir from Hamburg, Doris again

cake at Herr Max’

my crotcheting work the last week (the black one), I finished it yesterday :)

our exhibition last saturday at Pentiment, HAW

ehibition pentiment

Horse in real-size. I’ve seen the progress and this is just great work!

my draping at exhibition

Origami ^10

all origami :) i really got to like it!

last time at the haven… :/

Doris at Alstervorland


Doris and me finally together on a picture :)

my friend and me took some photos at Feldstraße :)

and had Mexian hot dish and watched “Frida”

I’m gonna miss you Hamburg,

Puss och kram och just nu…

Stockholm :) Jag kommar!!!



























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NY Day 01: August 14th 2011

Finally beginning to talk about my time in New York, I wrote a so called diary (as you know I won’t hold up to…) And yes, I still have to write my entries of the last week, but I had to enjoy the last week and not writing at all :)

And I have to confess: The series with the photos taken by a stranger everyday didn’t work out so much, the last week I maybe made 3 or something like that… But I will upload them as soon as the film is full and developed!

But Before I got on the plane I set my mp3 player into shuffle modus and listened to the music and wrote the first 10 songs down- Soundtrack of New York I could call it:

1. Johnny Cash- Danny Boy
2. Kyo- Derniere Danse
3. She & Him- Without You Now
4. Ryan Adams- Somehow, Someday
5. The Shins- New Slang (this song is always keeps me up and drags me down)
6. Simon & Garfunkle- BabyDriver
7. Simon & Garfunkle- Bridge over troubled Water
8. Wombats- Party in the Forest (where’s Laura?)
9. Arcade Fire- Modern Man
10. Johnny Cash- Bridge over troubled Water

” I am sitting in my host’s room and have got a headache from the long flight- and I feel like getting a cold- I hope not!! There’s a fan in my room which tries to keep me cool but I am sweating & freezing at the same time-no good!” (Here I have to say, good you don’t need to read this, I can hardly read my own handwriting, as usual ;) )

“What expected me getting off the plane? Right! Rain!!!

I am up since 6.30 german time so in New York Time since 0.30 am and now it’s about 5 pm. I am tired, watched too many movies on the plane, like “Suckerpunch”, “Paul”(by and with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) and “Soul Surfer” … I am keeping myself very short, have to get up early about… 7am? Have to be at Times Square and Broadway at 8.30, 14th floor.

Good night, Brooklyn



Picture of the day:

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