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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 39, 5th of September: Leaving for Paris


I still had some things on my To Do List for London, like

Abbey Road


I got up, bought breakfast at Tesco once again & went to the city to get to the Tube Station “St. John’s Wood” where I headed straight to Abbey Road & I played tourist once again =)

DSC_2371 DSC_2400 DSC_2403 DSC_2406 DSC_2393

It was really cool & so many people went to see the famous studios & area of the Beatles. I walked up and down the cross-walk and got photographed by a nice asian!!! His woman was there too, she looked a little bit like Yoko Ono, but I gues just because she was older and asian…

DSC_2411 DSC_2412 DSC_2414 DSC_2416 DSC_2418



After the photoshoting I walked down to Regent’s park which was pretty nice but partly under conctructions. So I walked down (wow walking down, do you have any synonyms for that, normalean??? Nope.) the Sherlock Holmes Street (aka Baker Street) & headed to Bethnal Green to meet Sharif to look for some Banksys once again & we found one which has actual been changed a little bit- sadly.

DSC_2446 DSC_2460 DSC_2370 DSC_2368 DSC_2367

After going to Camden Town he brought me to St.Pancras at King’s Cross- wow, this station was like so fraking huge! And because of that, I guess, I totally forgot to get to the track of Harry Potter… We had some Chai Latte & a coffee, said goodbye & I went to the Eurostar area where I had to let my luggage get checked in.


I <3 Squirrels


another over-painted Banksy



Mr. Khan and Ms. Church on their way to King’s Cross:DSC_2476 DSC_2477  IMG_5384 IMG_5385

I went to Paris within 2:15 hours and listened to the following songs:

1. Kelly Clarkson- My Life Would Suck Without You
2. Two Gallants- Las Cruses Jail
3. The Indelicates- Flesh
4. Portishead- Only You (live)
5. Mew- Symmetry
6. Die Ärzte- Claudia (live)
7. The Damned- Problem Child
8. Foo Fighters- Learn To Fly (live)’
9. Rufus Wainwright- Harvest Of Heart
10. Foo Fighters- Word Forward

I slept a lot =) When I arrived in Paris I got really confused by thr maps they had in the station & a very rude french couldn’t speak in whole sentences to me so I got pissed but I managed to get to my Hostel. There I met my two roommates, Alinsa from Rumania & Rachel from California, USA. We walked like a lot & then I went very tired to sleep!

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NY Day 01: August 14th 2011

Finally beginning to talk about my time in New York, I wrote a so called diary (as you know I won’t hold up to…) And yes, I still have to write my entries of the last week, but I had to enjoy the last week and not writing at all :)

And I have to confess: The series with the photos taken by a stranger everyday didn’t work out so much, the last week I maybe made 3 or something like that… But I will upload them as soon as the film is full and developed!

But Before I got on the plane I set my mp3 player into shuffle modus and listened to the music and wrote the first 10 songs down- Soundtrack of New York I could call it:

1. Johnny Cash- Danny Boy
2. Kyo- Derniere Danse
3. She & Him- Without You Now
4. Ryan Adams- Somehow, Someday
5. The Shins- New Slang (this song is always keeps me up and drags me down)
6. Simon & Garfunkle- BabyDriver
7. Simon & Garfunkle- Bridge over troubled Water
8. Wombats- Party in the Forest (where’s Laura?)
9. Arcade Fire- Modern Man
10. Johnny Cash- Bridge over troubled Water

” I am sitting in my host’s room and have got a headache from the long flight- and I feel like getting a cold- I hope not!! There’s a fan in my room which tries to keep me cool but I am sweating & freezing at the same time-no good!” (Here I have to say, good you don’t need to read this, I can hardly read my own handwriting, as usual ;) )

“What expected me getting off the plane? Right! Rain!!!

I am up since 6.30 german time so in New York Time since 0.30 am and now it’s about 5 pm. I am tired, watched too many movies on the plane, like “Suckerpunch”, “Paul”(by and with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) and “Soul Surfer” … I am keeping myself very short, have to get up early about… 7am? Have to be at Times Square and Broadway at 8.30, 14th floor.

Good night, Brooklyn



Picture of the day:

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23-Juli 2010: Hey, Soul Sister

Ein weiterer Geburtstagsgruß gehen an Flo, der am Dienstag Geburtstag hatte und an Niclas, der heute sein Wiegenfest feiert, Nicky wie wir ihn auch gerne nennen, kenne ich seit ca. 20 Jahren, noch aus dem Kindergarten :) Rock on, Junge, du hast ein gutes Konzept und ein geschicktes Händchen ;) Weiter so!!!

Ich hab von der Stadt Braunschweig einen Bibliotheksausweis im Wert von 12 Euro für ein Jahr geschenkt bekommen und gestern direkt mal geholt :) Dabei hab ich mir vier CDs ausgliehen und heute zurückgebracht (James Bond Themes(ok), I’m Not There Sonudtrack (!!!), Kim Frank- Hellblau (ok) und Fettes Brot- Fettes (noch nicht reingehört) ). Gerade erfreue ich mich an der aktuellen CD von Train (Drops of Jupiter), die da heißt: Save me, San Fransisco.
Auf dem Weg zurück wurde ich vom Regen überrascht und wurde total nass, was die Fotos hier beweisen (zur Zeit probier ich mal wieder ein wenig mehr Photoshop aus, is nich das beste was rauskommen kann, aber zur Übung ok)

trage übrigens meinen neuen Tellerrock aus blau-weiß gepunktetem Baumwollstoff mit kariertem Totenkopf :)

verwischt nach dem Regen :)

und zum Schluss: zur Feier der Rejoininginging von Robbie zu Take That hab ich mir für super 3,33€ die alte CD gekauft :D

PS: Ich liebe Smileys ;)

(oder auch MaRry Jane Insane, wäre auch ein netter Künstlername: Heirate die verrückte Marie!)

Dann kann ich auch kurz über den Auftritt berichten auf dem FH Sommerkult in Frankfurt:
Ich war leicht verpeilt, hab anfangs ein paar Textzeilen verwechselt und Akkorde vergessen oder falsch gespielt :D Ab der Mitte (spätestens ab dem Cover von Mr. Vain) ging es aber super und ich hatte Spaß auf der Bühne, auch wenn um diese Uhrzeit kaum Leute da waren. Bilder könnt ihr euchauf meiner Myspace Seite anschauen, auch, wer mich alles unterstützt hat :)

Und zum guten Schluss meine Setliste:


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