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NY Day 06: August 19th 2011

I got up early for I wanted to go to the Central Park before school, seeing Strawberry Fields. Unfortunately I couln’dt find my notebook from school (I recognized today!) so I searched all over my room for it. I coulnd’t find it and so I thought I lost it on the train after my bad ride on the subway.

When I arrived at 72nd Street West Central Park I just saw


walking out of Strawberry Fields. I was so surprised seeing her and also confused if it was really her… She walked me by a meter distance between us and I realized it WAS her! So I took my camera and shot a photo of her back :P (actually I don’t like taking pictures of famous people, for they have to deal that day by day, but from the back it was ok, she didn’t really notice…)

So when I went to Strawberry Fields (the street John Lennon lived in Liverpool when he was young was called Strawberry Fields) to see the “Imagine” mosaique I instantly started crying :D, I was so overwhlemed by this area. It’s so beuatiful John Lennon still lets people “come together” in hope for a better world!

my wet face :P

The Dakota, the famous Hotel where John Lennon has been shot in 1980, Yoko Ono still lives there.

After this huge experience I went down Columbus Ave and had a great Muffin, apple with cranberries, no sugar aka low fat :P (I don’t really care if there’s sugar or not, but the new New Yorkers do…)

After school we went to the Lomography store at the Lower East Side and when we got out of the subway there has been big thunder, lightning and heavy rain. We waited for the rain to calm down, since it wouldn’t we ran through the rain to the store. There I bought a 4 lenses horizontal actionsampler in blue, so did Jennifer, and I love it- curious about the photos!

Finally we had dinner next to Red Bamboo(vegetarian) the Lomogrpahy store cashier recommended but since it was really full and we had to wait at least one hour, we went to Vegetarian Paradise 2, which was also great! I had Veggie Beef with several vegetables, delicious!!! And surpsising for me, the others, who eat meat, say it’s awesome that this veggie meat tastes alike real beef :D



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