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Summer Edition `012 Day 23, 20th of August: The Day Before

tried this dress on but didn’t buy… Should I???

I am so tired! It’s my habit- the last day in a city is like I have to do like sooooo many things that I will sleep very well. Actually I wanted to get up earlier but a dream kept me sleeping. I was dreaming I dated “Scott Pilgrim” who was also Michael Cera, which is quite funny and cute! =) I really liked that dream so I dreamt & dreamt…

I went to the first fabric store in St. Paulsgatan Tygverket (there are two in the street) and a pretty girl I just sae selling on the flea market yesterday was working there, I also took a photo of her at the flea!

I went to the city where I bought 1 pair of tights in light green at H&M, they are having great colours right now!
There I also saw the first H&M Home store :)

I walked up Drottningsgatan and found a great vintage store as well walked dowm a parallel street- Sveavägan and found a place where I printed out some photos for postcards!

double-printed t-shirt :D

I accidentally found that in the Konserthuset were like free exhibitions (small but good) and when I walked in there was a concert of an a-capella boygroup of 4 who were cool. Pretty young I guess, too! They were singing Elvis songs and other stuff… And there was a small Banksy exhibition which reminded me I have to look up places in the UK where I will find some Banksys!

students try to raise attention of the politicians to raise more money for arts.

Walked down to Gamla Stan to take a ferry to Djurgarden to get to the Växhuset of Rosendals Slott to eat finally THE BEST KLADDKAKA IN SVERIGE!!!!!

I also had grädde (whipped cream), a coffee (you can take as much as you want) and flowers on my piece of cake. I payed 67 kronor which was Colombi-Hoitel like but it was worth it!” Sat in the garden & wrote some postcards!

Went with the Tram 7 to the Kulturhuset which’s bibliotek happened to be closed… So I went to Slussen to walk to the Fotografiska where I payed 80kr to see the Sally Mann exhibition & August Strindberg exhibition. I went up to the topfloor to have an awesome view on Stockholm! Oh, I will miss it!!! But I am very excited as well about the next adventures!

towels in the bathroom of the fotografiska

I will stay at Joseph’s place which seems to be big since two other girls are staying there & kinda his whole family. I will meet Svenja from my old school and hopefully we can spend some time together! But still there is tomorrow & I have to get to the airport…

another vegetarian restaurant


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Summer Edition ’012 Day 18, 15th of August: Walking about

It is wednesday and guess what! Peter No. II from Kaiserslautern just wrote me that him, hs girlfriend Sarah &  his flatmates I also know are just about to be here in Stockholm!!! How cool is that? The last time I saw Peter was at my gig in Kaiserslautern in july. But all the others I saw the last time when I was still living here, so more than 2 years ago! I will probably meet them tomorrow.


Today we went shopping groeries at Hemköp which I really like! They have a big candies (godies) shelf with STAR WARS  godies!!! How great is that???

I need to learn a lesson (Oh, I should have learnt that one, seriously): Do nothing & enjoy! I am still learning by doing but it is hard. Yesterday I was crocheting but today not. Also playing no guitar!

Veronica and me were walking up a small hill in Södermalm where the view was great! Should be beautiful in the evening when the sun is setting.

Later we were going for a little walk as well in Södermalm and we had pizza in the evening and we watched “Eragon”, which I hadn’t seen before! This is also a vacation where I will see many movies I haven’t seen before and kind of wanted to.

Munich Brewery


We went to sleep quite early, but still I am pulling up my energy!

Football Team T-Shirt

radical crafting


PS: One year ago I was starting language school at EC/ New York… I miss NY so much…

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Summer Edition ’012 Day 17, 14th of August: 1st day in Stockholm

I am so glad I wrote a diary, I would probabyl have forgot about so many small things, now that I am reading and typing it down it feels good and I am back into summer, now that it is a little colder here…

Finally I reached one of my year’s aims of my list! Sweden & Stockholm!!!

inside a chruch. I don’t know what the deal is about blown up globes…

most narrow street in Stockholm

When Veronica & me got up we ate a little bit and got into the city where I bought a weekly metrocard for 320 swedish crowns which is about 32 €, which for this huge area is pretty cheap!

german church

We went to a 2nd hand store V worked at, had lunch at her flat, went to the castle, Gamla Stan, the city theatre and some other nice places. We have plans for the whole week, I’d like to have a chocolate+chocolate (kladdkåka) cake one time and see as much as my motivation let’s me for I am now in my vacation mood finally! Don’t panic & no need to stress!!!

V is listening to swedish-german vocabularies and has fun :)



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