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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 12, 9th of August: Park Fiction

Today I had a gig!!!

Actually I wanted to play a living room concert but that did not happen so Chris and me organized an open air concert very un plugged in a nice area called “Park Fiction” which is near to the “Landungsbrücken”. I had the best view for I was looking straight to the haven of Hamburg. The weather was great ( or at least good) as well, so we kind of had a nice sundown with lots of people, music and wine.

I played something about 13 songs and one hour long, the songs I played:

1 New York
2 California, FU
3 The Garden
4 Happily Ever After
5 Whole
6 Sunglasses During Rain
7 April
8 Chewed-Up Tape
9 Summerromance
10 Killing In The Name Of Valentine
11 Sleep
12 Mr. Johnny Depp
13 Shallow

Before that I was at the Schanze to go to Herr Max finally! But seriously I was expecting more… The cafe was very nice and pretty but the tarte I had was not thaaaaat good. It was ok but that’s all.

So the day was great I can tell, met some new poeple and even an old friend: Peter I (you will know later on, why I numberize him…) from Kaiserslautern wat at the gig, too. With his roommates. That was really nice!

Good night


Edit: Just GREAT!!! I love the health system in GB… not… Today, Sept.25th I went to the doctor again because of my hurting hurting hurting food foot and… I got an x-ray again and… My food foot (what’s the matter with me? Am I hungry?) was actually broken, well the “Kahnbein” aka Os Naviculare but seems to be okay again… And still, I can’t do anything about it :D

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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 6, 3rd of August: Much Ado

By the way, still sitting at Gretchen’s Villa, the cake (cheese cake with mandarines and pistacio pieces) & the Chai Soy Latte are very delicious! The sun is shining and I am sitting in a room! Great! Fail! But it is nice here, still!

Yesterday at school we were draping a jacket with drapes on the waist and a sleeve, but this one we actually constructed and didn’t drape it (if you’re making normal sleeves it is much easier to construct it the normal way!)- I will make an extra post with all the draping stuff :)

which picture are you reminded of? A hint: I saw the original in the end of summer at a very famous museum

After school I went to the Alsterhaus to meet Jenny who’s actually living in Bremen but she’s having an internship at Lumas right now, so we could meet here in Hamburg!

Before we met I ran into the opening party of the CSD at the Jungfernstieg which was quite funny and amusing :) I saw a band from Wiesbaden which was a nice incidence and some DJs.

So when Jenny and I met we took the tube to get to Schlump from where we walked into direction Schanze. We wanted to go to “Herr Max” but it just closed right in front of us so we had to find another place to stay. We walked down the “Schulterblatt” and found a Korean place, Kimzen.

We had Bibimbap, maybe you’ll remember: Last year almost same time I was in K-Town (NYC) with just another Jenny (next incidence) to eat Bibimbap. But we didn’t for it was too expensive for us! Haha, funny I think =)

After dinner, (it was like SO delicious, you have to go there for not a chef is cooking but the Kim’s mother!!!) I brought Jenny to Central Station for she had to get back to Bremen, but we will probably meet tomorrow, so sunday, again, if not then another day in the following week!

I had vegan ice crem at “Eisbande”, Bartelstrasse 1

Vegan Ice-Cream!!!

not every sort but some, and it was delicious :)

The I went to Knust near the U-Station Feldstrasse to meet Maria. Last time I met her was in Hamburg as well and it is already 2 years ago- time flies.

the restroom of the Knust- Matt from Nada Surf :)

At the Kunst was Kunst-Birthday and they celebrate the whole weekend long with barbecue & free concerts (even free beer but this is gone by very soon). I finally saw the band “Sport” & “Bernd Begemann & Die Befreiung” (even if it was for only 5 songs, that counts!) but I really liked the band “Sport”(right now listening to them while I’m typing these words), good music & good german lyrics.

Summer-Dom fireworks

golden-rain my favorite type of fireworks

Because I have no keys to get into the house I am living in and I didn’t want to wake up Lisa & Martin I texted with Lisa when she will return back from the theatre so I would also get back home then! So did I and I didn’t really see Bernd Begemann unfortunately. But that was fine , I was freezing and pretty tired.

and so was Doris, she fell asleep on the bus listening to… Nada Surf :)


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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 2, 30th of August: 1st day at summer school

canal next to the university

Sitting at HAW, we’ve got out first break and I think it is amazing!

Hamburg reminded me of New York, Brooklyn in the morning =) So beautiful!!! (reminded me in particular od DeKalb Ave, in the mourn of Brooklyn Flea Market on saturday 19th last year).

When I got to the university, I’m taking the drape course, I was very overwhelmed. The building is a beauty itself! It’s got a nice cafe in it with old seats & couches, old lamps, origai animals aso.

CCTV isn’t watching you yet

First we were origamiing a kangaroo, the another folded thing, in the afternoon we started to drape a skirt with folds in the front which are seperated with a zipper.

After school I walked near the Alster & through a street called “Lange Reihe” where I have to go again!

boy on a buoy?

Finally bought a 2 weeks metro ticket which cost me 49,50 €! As expensive as New York, and NY is much bigger. And still, I have to admit, that Hamburg reminds me so much of NY! I am kind of glad that I am still missing it!

I met Chris at the Schanze and we went for dinner at “Kumpir”, a potato restaurant where I had potato with hummus, salads and so. Very delicious & cheap! Of course I had an “Alster Wasser” =)

actually it is not completely vegetarian, have a look on the menu:

We walked to Knust, Übel &Gefährlich, through St. Pauli and down to the river.

ice-cream first!

In the end I took the wrong subway, of course, and came back home late. Doris was very sleepy so I brought her quickly to bed.


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