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Shoting: Roses Have Thorns They Say

But not these… (As I promised, a giveaway is waiting here for you! More to that, see below)

Maybe you remember, one of my goals for this year was sewing a dress for myself. In fact I sew 3 new dresses for me and I altered 2, one was given by a friend of me and I bought 2, one of those in New York so I could wear 8 new dresses :) This is pretty much and if I calculate I would come to the amount of  39 euro plus the material costs I had for the fabrics. And once again if I divide this through 8 dresses I come to 4,88 euro which is really cheap for so many clothes… I love buying 2nd- hand for it is good for the environment and of course I love sewing new things, if I just had more time for that :D

So enough for calculating…

Here is the schedule I had last sunday at the shoting:

11.50 am: rearanging my room

12.00 pm: hanging up the fabric

12.25 pm: picking up tripods, lamps and diffusor

12.35 pm: arranging them

2.08 pm: already finish with setting the set

2.13 pm: almost blinded by the flash :D

2.15 pm: lunch break

2.19 pm: Lou(the model) arrives

2.31 pm: drying hair and styling (I really have to work on this!)

2.48 pm: finish shoting profile pictures

3.00 pm: shoting begins

4.06 pm: restroom break

4.53 pm: first dress finish

5.10 pm: 2nd dress finish

and finally here are some photos: (see the rest on flickr)

also the other dress, same cut, with flamingo-fabric <3


And here is the giveaway clue:

It’s about the last picture. There you can see the album of Skagen “Sorry, Sun” which was released in 2006, so some years ago already. Skagen is a mostly german band, the singer is from denmark (or one parent comes from denmark, I don’t remember exactly). I’ve got this 11-track CD since years and listen to it constantly but I have a *NEW* one for you. I have seen the band several times but unfortunately they don’t give shows anymore. They play wonderful acoustic music with a great extraordinary singer and this is the reason why I want to give it to you :)

All you have to do to get this giveaway: write down a comment.

Deadline for this giveaway is in two weeks, sunday 18th of december, 8 pm GMT+1

Good luck!


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