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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 29, 26nd of August: 2 Weeks Left!


Wow. In about 2 weeks I am about to wake up at Hanna’s house… Time flies, I don’t want vacation to be over :) Of course I have to say that, although I am missing work a little bit!

So I slept on a couch again, I am looking forward my own bed =) But I love this adventure anyhow!

Right now I am sitting by a window on a ferry from Belfast to Great Britain, greyer than grey. Rain, rain…

DSC_0032 DSC_0033 DSC_0039 DSC_0042

DSC_0046 DSC_0048

Sunday was very sunny but kind of cold- I am not getting used to this weather! When I got up the boys were up as well- tea time! “Tea & Toast Make Everything Better” (I’m gonna quote this in one of my next songs, sorry.) So said Ronan and it’s true. I kinda had 12056 cups of black tea with milk- typical irish/brithis =) Even in the middle of the night you are getting tea offered!

We went outside, walked near the river Lagan, crossed Central Station and got to St. Georges Market. It seems to me as if every arcade like market is called St. George, at least in Ireland! Don’t forget: Northern Ireland is not euro-zone (I knew that) so it is Pounds already BUT(!!) Don’t take any notes from NI to the UK because they don’t look the same and most of the UK won’t take these notes, cuz they think you might scam them!

So we went there, it was kind of an artist flea, not as pretty as in Williamsburg but nice as well! You can also buy fish & vegetables there, have food (I had veggie soy curry) and buy cupcakes, old stuff (bought 2 film rolls, I am excited if they are ok, for they expired 2006 [sadly they are quite normal…]) actually I wanted to buy new film rolls but I won’t pay 20 € for 4 rolls! Sorry. That is simply too much!


Botanical Garden Belfast


I love old couples, they often remind me of my grandparents :)


Queens University

DSC_0145 DSC_0152

Bruce is all around me

City Hally


DSC_0187 DSC_0196 DSC_0200

The crooked tower of Belfast

I walked through the city on my own and took some photos, of course! Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take any! I had a Frozen Yoghurt and when I returned to the flat I checked my stuff on the internet. Together we went to a strange place, a barbeque with DJs, entry 10pounds but the drinks were pretty cheap, 5 pounds for 3 beers or 8 pounds for a cocktail in a bucket.


I just LOVE this picture of the three of us!


Me, Kieran and Viccy


The gang

But the music was aweful and the people were strange- not us of course ;) We had our fun. We went there because one girl was about to turn 25. But before that (I had 6 beers and was pretty drunk) we went to another bar (Filthy McNasty’s), we had some struggles to get in, because it was actually full! But we made it and… there was on Open Mic Night!

DSC_0230 DSC_0236 DSC_0247 DSC_0248

I instantly asked the host if I could join and I could play any minute! I played Chewed-Up Tape, Shallow and Sleep. It was hard because everyone was drunk, including me, but it was fun and some people came to me later on and saifd that they liked it! :) Whoohooo!

Nice bar I can recommend it to you! It is btw the favorite bar of my hosts, if I do remember right, do I? ;)

And the best: I got a free drink for playing! (Not drunk enough, you see)

So I went back home with Kieran after midnight, the others went on to party, but I was so tired but happy that i just needed to sleep. Cuz I needed to =) (quoting yourself is so lame.) -> Journey will go on tomorrow in the very morning!



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