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So, finally A beauty is where you find it photo challenge post again… Last year in may I had this kind of challenge for myself: through may I shot everyday (or at least I tried) a picture with something green, for green is for hope and it is my favorite colour :)

my flowers in my window- not metaphorical meant ;)

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P52-12 #13: Art!?

art for art’s sake, like it’s said in “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” but do I really know what art is about? Have no idea… While I was driving home the last time I had this view out of my windscreen, the lying moon and red traffic lights, I liked it and call it: art.

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Project 52-12 #5: Daydreamer

Daydreamer, sitting on the seat
Soaking up the sun
Looks good when he when he walks,
would be hard to chase,
But good to catch
And he could change the world with his hands behind his back,
– Adele, Daydreamer

Hello P-52ers and “daily” readers.

When I had my f****** cold sunday walk I accidentally ran into this perfect “Daydreamer” photo…(check out the other photos of week 5 by clicking the link)

(This duck is actually having a sunbath on the icy stone-corcodile in our little river “Bächle”)

Even the Adele- quote fits perfectly to the lovely duck(read it again).

I love ducks, I always did. When I was a little child my grandparents and parents had ducks since I can remember. I grew up with them, loved them when they were yellow and also when they grew up and turned brown, green and grey. Ducks are one of the few animals staying together as a couple all life long. Wheather they sleep with one eye open or in a circle: one group surrounds the sleeping ducks and take care of them and also the other way around.

Once I saw a duck couple walking side by side through Buxtehude (Lower Saxony, Germany- yes this town does exist!) and they were walking straight into a restaurant (no joke!) and the waiter just said: They are our daily guests. I hope they didn’t find place on a plate one day!

So long see you next week with the next P-52-12 photo!

edit: funny, while I was reading several articles I found “my” duck also on fudder.de :D

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