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P52-12 # 12: monochrome

I didn’t really have a good idea on that… So I shot a photo of my sewing boy. I bought it years ago in a vintag shop in mainz, that already closed some years ago. It was called Teenage Wasteland and it was a treasure chest for people loving vintage stuff :)

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P52-12 #11: collection

Since I can remember I collect things like a crazy person :D I collectet stickers, photos, stamps, things and articles or certain bands, cds, fabrics etc… Although I get bored pretty fast by one thing… I can’t put myself in one drawer :D As you would say in german :P

So, this here is for project 52-12 by Sari :) And I chose from all of my collectiosn these here… Lately I found myself collecion nice stamps again and putting them into frames in front of colourful backgrounds :)

Have a great sunday and a much better week!

Tomorrow I can finally go back to work for I was the whole(!) fucking week sick… Back in the saddle again, whoohoo :)

Currently listening to: Sickly to the new album of the Shins! Port of Morrow!

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P52-12 #10: Awakening

I love this topic! It instantly reminds me of the novel “Spring Awakening” which has also been brought to Broadway some years ago (also with lea Michele from Glee). There is also another novel called “The Awakening” and its by the female author Kate Chopin. To quote the first page of the book, what it is about “Written nearly one hundred years ago, THE AWAKENING is the compelling story of an extraordinarily modern woman struggling against the constrains of marriage and motherhhod, and slowly discovering the power of her own sexuality. Edna’s search for her own individuality touches the hearts of women who’ve learned the value of freedom and happiness, and her story is now regarded as a classic in American fiction”.

I bought the book exactly 6 years ago, march 2006, when I was finally graduating from school and I don’t really have a clue about the whole plot but I do know that I liked the story.

But, photos, awakening:

My flowers are beginning to bloom :) Also the hurt one I was already telling you about, it has a little bud growing every day a little more!

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