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Project 52-12 #3: Striped

This week’s on mondgras.de: striped(haha, and finally when I posted the link to Sari’s blog I noticed it was the topic “lined” or “ruled” and not quite stiped :D Hopefully it’s okay with that!)  Now I finally found out, that all the participants can choose of the 4 topics, which one is shot in which week by themselfs ;D And I thought there was a “strict” order, whatever… “This” week I chose “striped”… And when I finally finished the picture of my first felt-knitted striped(!) slippers I decided to chose them :)

I always wanted to knit slippers like these and finally I made it! I am so proud that I am knitting so much these days! Now I know what I can do better so the next pair of slippers will be more perfect :)

The picture, btw shows the slippers right after knitting and right after washing (they shrink like 30%)

Yesterday in the evening I finished my first felt-knitted hat and now I just have to through it into the washing machine and see what comes out of it! I am very excited!


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Project 52-12 #2 “Rubbish”

2nd round of project 52, this time the weekly topic is rubbish, garbage whatever the trash is :) I took my DSLR outside for a walk through my, still, new town to find the perfect shot. And I did.

When I walked direction town theatre I found a trash can with a painting on it (actually almost every puplic trash can is painted). The Painting shows a tour poster of one of my favorite bands, the Beatsteaks. It’s their tour poster from their winter tour with a hot air balloon on it, I love hot air balloons in deed!

Here you go, have a nice sunday!

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Project 52-12 #1 “Circus Alike”

I am participating a photo challenge again, it’s called Project 52 and it is all over the year. Sari the head of the idea created this project (It is one project per week) some year ago and I did participate partly, but this year I’m gonna change :D I want to post pictures all over the year, we’ll see what comes out of it. Here you can go with the flow and shot photos or paint something over the year!

The topic of week one was “Wie im Zirkus”- so Circus Alike. I shot a photo out of the book “Der Elefant-Gigant des Tierreichs”. I love elephants very much, they are as you can say my favorite animals and the idea of them living in a circus is quite horrorfying for me. So if you have a circus in your city and you know that the have beside human artists animals, please boykott it! Everybody boykotting a circus makes the next step to a circus free world ;)



PS: Go and watch the movie “Pina”! Yesterday I saw it in the cinema almost around the corner to my flat, it’s running since 46 weeks, this my dear readers is almost a whole year! Amazing I think!
What it is about? It is about Pina Bausch who died suddenly in 2009. She was a dancer and dance choreographer in Wuppertal,Germany (which has by the way a great elevated railway) who revolutionaired the modern dance theatre. It is shot by director Wim Wenders in 3D. Actually I don’t like 3D movies for it is nonsense but “Pina” was the first movie I liked in 3D, it is like you are sitting in the audience of a theatre and not only a movie place. The movie shows some of her choregraphies, the people who worked with her and some old film material with her teaching and dancing. So not a normal dance movie like “Flashdance” for example.

Plus: I definately want to visit Wuppertal ;)

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