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Summe Edition ´012 Day 26, August 23rd: Hope Of Howth

Slow day but not lame at all!

my return ticket to Howth

After getting up I went to Howth, the coast place very close to Dublin! And SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Not talking about the weather. No, one thing I have to tell: A small girl saying on the walking tour to her grandma “It’s raining”(In the most adorable accent I’ve ever heard- and well, it was raining), the Grandmother responded “No, it isn’t” =) So great, but she was right as well, it wasn’t that bad!

watching some dogs play in the water

some pictures are missing, show you them by tomorrow, so sorry!

It was very windy but the view even killed that!!! It’s indiscribable… Lighthouses, birds, gulls, waves and water, cliffs, cliffspringers, flowers, horses, shells, dogs…

sitting on a cliff

wall made of seashells

Actually I wanted to take the easy route, than I decided to take the 2nd hardest. In the ending I walked the longest route!!! At one point I wanted to give up and cry, but how to if you are in the middle of an island where’s no bus and no one around you?!

exhausted- and still some steps to go

So I kept on walking with one thought “If you make this, you’ll be very happy!” – True Story!


I took the next train “home” (for I meant the city) and looked for a place to eat, decided for “Cornucopia” a vegetarian selfservice restaurant where I had carrot-coconut chickpea soup and a banana-walnut muffin. (Look up for “another chance to love”-a note I can’t identify right now, I think I ment a song?!)

dinner at Cornucopia

There I met a girl called Lena, it was so full that I invited her to sit at my table and we began talking about ourselfs and so. It was really nice. She comes from Toronto and lives in Dublin since 10 years. Wokring at a hospital and still stuying and eating at Cornucopia like every day =) I am glad I met her, but unfortunately I don’t have her contact :/

After dinner I met Svenja and we went to Kung Fu lesson! So funny and great, I need to do more sports when I arrive home again! Got a blister on my right hand, but nevermind!

When I walked back home  through Temple Bar I stopped in several bars for there was live music everyfuckingwhere!!! In “The Temple Bar” itself was a trio playing “Don’t stop believing” which was awesome and the best version on the song I’ve ever heard, beside the version my friend Kaddy was singing at live karaoke :)

… And, I never did stop!


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Summer Edition ´012 Day 24, 21st of August: normalean & the day of coincidences

Right now I am sitting on Dame Street, Dublin, in front of the central bank of Ireland waiting for Svenja my former classmate in 2006. I can’t remember when we met the last time. But first I have to tell about my last day in Stockholm. (The sun here in Dublin is shining, there are cold clouds and a very windy wind is blowing rhough my hair).

So, last day in Stockholm, I leave it with a happy & a sad face, I could have done so much more but I am on vacation, still, and still I need to learn to slow down.

we got up, got dressed, had breakfast & then Veronica and me went to Gamla Stan to have lunch at Hermitage, the vegetarian restaurant where I met Hubert & Flora on saturday! When I was inside getting my food at the buffet, Veronica looked for a place to sit outside (although it was a bit rainy) and so she accidentally (No.1) sat next to the door where I just sat on saturday.

There she met (No.2) a boy & a girl (just like I met a boy and a girl on saturday) but… they were taking the same flight just like me in the evening (No.4). We began talking, Ailish & Brendan are into music (No.5) like Brandon is a singer/songwriter just like me & Ailish is stuying music production. We began talking about tattoos and Veronica showed her zodiac sign Gemini and Brendan was not only also Gemini but was born on the very same day as Veronica, even in the same year!!! (No.6) I believe in the power of coincidences!

We said goodbye but not for very long for I would meet them on the plane!

Veronica and me went back home, I bought some nice stamps for my selfmade postcards, designed accidentally by “Malin Koort” (No.7) =)

I had to check some things on the internet, packed my stuff, played “Happily Ever After” for Veronica in the kitchen and finally we said goodbye. Although I wanted to speak & learn more svenska I don’t think I wasted my time. It was so beautiful and I have to get back to weden to see more places and landscapes.

I took the bus to the airport which took about one and a half hours, costed 115kr. Pretty long ride through swedens country side! It was beautiful, I was listening to Nada Surf “Lucky & “The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy”. I love these albums and I am looking forward going to the concert in november.

So at the airport I checked in my guitar and everything with my luggage went just right! There I met Bendan & Ailish again, we kept on talking about music & our plans and futures, our dreams. We also sat together on the plane so we could play the “who am I” game.

“Hello Dublin”

The two of them gave me some tipps, where I could go to an Open Mic Night and where I can have vegetarian & vegan food, for Ailish is a vegan herself!

We said goodbye & I hope I will meet them again! Would be so cool!

So I went to my couchsurfers home, in the very beginning I am always full with doubts and very careful but I think it is okay there. But still it is good, having those doubts and being careful for you never know how some people really are. The flat is full with brazilians. They are having a huge rooftop where you are having a great view over the city! I got some noodles in the evening by my host Jose and I slept in the living room on a huge matrasse!


My ten songs on the bus from Dublin airport to Dublin city:

1. David Bowie- Space Oddity
2. Coheed & Cambria- The Willing Well II
3. The Beatles- Baby’s In Black
4. Russian Circles- Russian Circles
5. Sparkadia- Sleeping Lion
6. Fugazi- Cashout
7. Stephen Sondheim- By The Sea (Sweeney Todd)
8. Phoenix- Girlfriend
9. Unknown- Slowdown (have to look up for the artist!)
10. Olli Schulz- Der Moment (in this very moment we pass Olli’s Bar!) :)

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Summer Edition ’012 Day 19, 16th of August: Surprise

That was actually pretty strange: all of the time I was like: Oh My God, the 1 year anniversary  ith NY is coing up. On the 14th when I had it, not with Manhatten but Queens and Brooklyn, I forgot about it completely! And now I just recognized that!

Is it strange, even though  my mother togue is german I am blogging & writing diary in english? Not talking about my songs as well?! Maybe it is a save-mechanism but also because I love, L.O.V.E. the english  language and still training, rehearsing and learning of course! At home beside my bed lies the 2 kg heavy Oxford Advcnced Learner`s Dictionary…

But as an artist I can write howeverthefuck I want to & believe in =) My luck, I don’t have to write serious papers anymore!!!

So… Torsdåg (thursday) Peter wrote me to meet up at T-Centralen around high noon what I didn’t know: He didn’t tell the others so it was kind of a surprise for them (not for Sarah for she figured that out actually ;) ) So I spent my day with the 5 of them.

We were hanging around Stockholm’s Kulturfestivalen like on every stage and area, or at least almost.

When we got pretty hungry we were searching for a place to eat, went to Mariatorget to find something when suddenly it began to pour like cats & dogs! (14th street is gonna drown…) So we got into the “rainpub”, a pub you probably just get into when it is raining like that! Someone should call a pub like that! But we kinda had something to eat there! Don’t ask, wasn’t that good anyhow.

So we seperated and wanted to meet again at 6pm at a stage “Brunkebergstorg”. In the meantime I visited the Kulturhuset to find that I can play Keyboards there to practice at least the piano a little bit! The top of the building is worth going up! Nice cafe with flowers and bees!

I told you. Beekeeping

some arts inside

So at the Brunkersbergtorg we saw Lena Swanberg in the beginning I was talking to her afterwards (business of course!) Linneá Olsson who was all alone playing cello over a looper was the 2nd act in the evening. She inspired me & motivated me very much!!!

saw Linnea just walking to her gig

And finally we saw Ola Salo in the ending! He was sining with the swedish radio sinfoniorchestra which was very great! And he is playing Jesus in Jeses Christ Superstar in Stockholm.

The Festivalveack is completely for free and on sunday there will be a huge book flea market which I won’t miss of course!!!


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