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P52-12 #4:everyday’s hero and “January Sky”


I have to be fast writing the photo-challenge posts :) So I pout them into one!

First comes project 52 No.4, it’s “Alltagsheld“(the other participants may have chosen another topic for this week!)  so like everday’s hero… I thought about that long time but didn’t come to a comblusion. So when I was walking through my room I found my everyday’s hero: Robert Smith <3

Coming to the next project: January Sky (Januar Himmel) by Luzia Pimpinella

I don’t really get the idea behind it (well shoting photos post them and link them and maybe get better by taking photos…but I don’t get if it is a challenge all over the year or not :D maybe someone can help me out??? Vivi???

So, these three are my January Sky:

didn’t reduce the colours, it WAS actually like that… View from my working place <3

Another day, same town. Freiburger Münster

Same day, same town, different place: Inside of Schwarzes Kloster, Freiburg. I was just having a hat-making course at the VHS… more to that on another post… (Actually I made two great hats, but I have to finish them, still!)

Have a great Febuary and shot as many photos as you can! Challenge??? ;)

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