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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 43, 9th of September: The Return


Well, what is left to be said? I returned two hours ago, writing into the diary since I didn’t wright a word since I got to Paris. The day started nice: I had breakfast with Hanna & Ante, we watched some photos of our vacation & got to the train station. We said goodbye but not for long for we will see us the next morning at work!

The Last 10 songs of my journey:

1. Muse- Please, Please, Please
2.  Tomte- Schreit den Namen meiner Mutter
3. Chopin- No. 7 (Preludes)
4. Cyndi Lauper- I Drove All Night
5. Grizzly Bear- Slow Life
6. Motion City Soundtrack- Track 7
7. Die Ärzte- Paul
8. Dredg- Ode To The Sun
9. David Dondorero- Outbound Sound
10. Fleetwood Mac- No Questions Asked (Great Ending!!!)

When I got back to Freiburg I was afraid there were no trams to my place, luckily there were, but only leaving for my direction, because there are some constructions still!


Still I have to wash my clothes but wanted to finish this here- I know myself- it would lie here unfinished until whatever (just like the New York Diary and the blog, haha!)

This time was so magical!

I got to see so many places.

I got to learn so many faces

Belonging to great people

Whom I am happy to have met!

It was mostly positive & beautiful

I had great weather for british, irish and swedish circumstances.

We will see, what will come next ‘cuz you’ll never know and “Grab Your Luck While You Can, It MIght Be Gone By Tomorrow!”

XOXO my friends, I am home!


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The One With The Packing


I am back for short, for my typwriter’s cramp is not gone for good still… But I feel the need of writing to you.

It is so funny… I’ve got this huge backpack you saw on some pictures before-inside there were clothes for 6 weeks! And when I am going back home for a weekend, it is almost (correcting: it is) even fuller than for my travel :D

But seriously… I am a girl, I have to have several clothes for the weekend, plus shoes- plus I have one gig on sunday morning so therefor I have to take my wellingtons and my guitar and my ukulele with me… Too much stuff- I have to reduce a little bit!

See you hopefully next week.

Finally: I will see Glen Hansard on stage- monday evening… I am so(!!!) excited!!!


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