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Summer Edition ’012 Day 13, 10th of August: Hi-Fi

Today was the last day at school. I am very glad for I was beginning to become very tired, not tired of the course, just tired. I was not really able to do something in the evening because I was so tired this week.

the pattern

finished origami

We were giving Mr. Kondo a gift for his unborn child, a baby-onezi and a wooden toy. He was very glad for nthe gift. He was such a great teacher at draping, he has a great personality and is so funny, nice and good at what he is doing. If you ever have the chance to take a course with him, do so! You will learn a lot!!! Not only origami :)

In the ending of the school day we were preparing our dolls with our work of the last 2 weeks for tomorrows presentation at our school. My friends will come and my aunt who’s living near Hamburg.

Seriously… I don’t want to leave. (This is something I am gonna say more and more times the following weeks). I like it here, especially the river & the haven! It is so beautiful andthere  different kind of people as in the rest of Nothern Germany. They are so nice & open minded =)

When I finished my doll, I was draping a top with flattering “sleeves”, the Möbiusband Scarf & the skirt with drapings on the left side.

After that I met up with lisa for dinner at Altona’s “Reise Bar Cafe”- and please: DON’T GO THERE! Seriously! The food was ok but instead of basil pesto I got a cheese sauce with herbs… And I am sure they didn’t confuse something because this dish was not even on the menu. We met up because I went to the theatre she is working at to see “High Fidelity”, the Nick Hornby novel as a musical.

The first part was ok, but the 2nd part was quite good and fun! I really enjoyed it! And I am recommending it to those whoi liked the novel & the movie as well! (But I am not sure, if it is still on…. so check Altonaer Theater

In the ending we had a small Odyssee goign back home =)

See you


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