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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 3, 31st of July: Bad Weather Day

Tuesdays are kind of, besides thursdays, my favorite days in the week, I can’t tell you why, that’s just the way it is. In school we were making a miniature Kimono, the 1st cut of Madeleine Vionnet, which looks like that: (also in miniature)

and some origami of course ;)

The weather was really strange, so the plan I made in the morning quickly went overboard and I wanted to look for a place to sit nice, drink something maybe some food.

But I did not really find a place!

I don’t know what I did wrong… I was by the Michel (St. Michaelis church), Central Station, City Hall aso…

Doris was very angry with me and because of that I decided to get back home. Very close to my friends place are some Döner Buden, and even one is said to be the best in town, so I had a veggie- döner and seriously it was quite tasty :)

another draped skirt


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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 2, 30th of August: 1st day at summer school

canal next to the university

Sitting at HAW, we’ve got out first break and I think it is amazing!

Hamburg reminded me of New York, Brooklyn in the morning =) So beautiful!!! (reminded me in particular od DeKalb Ave, in the mourn of Brooklyn Flea Market on saturday 19th last year).

When I got to the university, I’m taking the drape course, I was very overwhelmed. The building is a beauty itself! It’s got a nice cafe in it with old seats & couches, old lamps, origai animals aso.

CCTV isn’t watching you yet

First we were origamiing a kangaroo, the another folded thing, in the afternoon we started to drape a skirt with folds in the front which are seperated with a zipper.

After school I walked near the Alster & through a street called “Lange Reihe” where I have to go again!

boy on a buoy?

Finally bought a 2 weeks metro ticket which cost me 49,50 €! As expensive as New York, and NY is much bigger. And still, I have to admit, that Hamburg reminds me so much of NY! I am kind of glad that I am still missing it!

I met Chris at the Schanze and we went for dinner at “Kumpir”, a potato restaurant where I had potato with hummus, salads and so. Very delicious & cheap! Of course I had an “Alster Wasser” =)

actually it is not completely vegetarian, have a look on the menu:

We walked to Knust, Übel &Gefährlich, through St. Pauli and down to the river.

ice-cream first!

In the end I took the wrong subway, of course, and came back home late. Doris was very sleepy so I brought her quickly to bed.


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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 1, 29th of August: Goodbye, Freiburg

“If I’d only took the plane, instead of this shit old lame train”

The next “pages” (here it is posts) imply my experiences on the several stages of my long journey…

Freiburg -> Hamburg
9:49               15:35 (without transfer)

The first 10 songs, random, on my journey:

1. Elbow- The Stops
2. Exit Ten- Curtain Calls
3. Pink- Magical Shower Outrun
4. Nouvelle Vague- Shack Up
5. Pretty Girls Make Graves- Holy Names
6. The Organ- Sinking Hearts
7. Buddy Holly Musical Cast- Words Of Love
8. We Were Promised Jetpacks- Moving Clocks Run Slow
9. William Fitzsimmons- Hold On With My Open Hands
10. Travis- Writing To Reach You

I look like a geek oO

(Kommentar Samstag Abend vor der Abreise: Aaaaah! Endlich Urlaub!!! Juhu!!!

Finlly the journey starts! I packed my backpack, guitar and tote bag & walked to the trainstation, OMG how heavy my luggage was!!! But I didn’t walk the whole way of course, we have trams here :)

The train ride was quiet fine, I listend mostly to Nada Surf, recognizing I missed to transform some LP onto my musical device I am using newly, whatever…

I read “Life of Pi” (Schiffbruch mit Tiger) this book is giving me strange feelings I don’t know yet which exactly.

We didn’t have delay (hooray!) and right now I am sitting on the couch of my friend Lisa in Hamburg.
Notice: To get a weekly ticket for Metro in Hamburg, you have to have a picture (must be a photo, not only a print!) of you. I hope I can get one somewhere tomorrow!

Now I have to go to sleep, 10 pm I am very sleepy since hours, I tried sleeping on the train but that did not really work out! Tomorrow my course is going to start! I am very excited about that!! I have to go to the subway station “Hoheluftbrücke” and take the U3 to “Uhlandstrasse” to get to the HAW in Armgartstrasse- I hope the weather will be fine!!!

view from the couch :)

Good night


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