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Summer Edition `012 Day 21, 18th of August: Drottningholm


And so this is halftime, let’s have a break!

Maybe at a castle maybe at Drottningholmen. I went there again with Sarah, Kathi, Peter, Steffen, Julian and the wonderful Doris! The castle reminded me a little bit of Sans Soucci in Potsdam but in a very tiny, simple, understating way. The garden was very nice, there is an island just for dogs and their keepers, a gothic tower which doesn’t really look gothic at all, some sheep, water & water, mazes, fountains, geocaches.

People shoting a photo of their dog with tourists.



It was such anice trip! We walked across a lake, we had coffe and cake (morrotskaka)-almost tasted like the carrotmuffin I had in NYC. There we sat on a cliff and the boys went swimming again (at least the water was clean!) I really like it there you also had a nice view to the castle.

I need to take more photos with my Lomo, I forgot I’ve got it with me day by day! When we went back we went to Kathi’s place to have dinner, we made pancakes-yummy! We also played a boardgame but I don’t know the name of it- tired right now, for it is already 2:34 in the morning.

Went home around midnight but I walked from Slussen so I could take nightphotographs of Södermalm.

Gott natt!


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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 20, 17th of August: In the Country

Great… I already had the post, and when I wanted to post it, the site didn’t load and when I was going back, everything was gone!!! I hate it when that happens!

So I was spending my day again not “lära svenska” and talking german instead most of the day. Outch! These Mosquitobites on my right foot are almost killing me!!!

We met at T-Centralen to get a train to a nationalpark “Tyresta” which was really nice! It was quiet, calm, good weather for wandering through a little wood. We had fun with the trees (sounds like we took some pills beforehand, but it was true, look yourself!)

We had some of these:

fake oreos



And then took a rest at an interesting lake which had the colour of brown, but that didn’t hinder the boys to swim anyhow…

When we got back to the city we were all pretty tired allthough it’s been only 5 o’clock. While the others went home I decided to walk a little bit around town to looking for ice-cream or chocolate cake! (i am sorry I don’t know what happend to the size actually…)

I went to Kungsholmen to accidentally see the pretty Radshuset with a globe & a sunclock.

I went down to the river where it reminded me of the Rhein-area =)

I got to the Cityhall which is such a beautiful building and place! There is a svenska horse also, a little garden with small fountains, the river itself, a big tree inside the court and so on…

I walked over to Gamla Stan but had to pass a small island called Riddarholmen which is quite nice =) And there I had a great view to Cityhall again:

In Gamla Stan I walked by a jazzclub called “Stampen” where they were having live music which always like catches me but I resisted this time! I kept on walking and when I was in the Stora Nygatan I was suddenly stopping in front of the “Only Vegetarian Restaurant In Gamla Stan” called Heritage. I was very undecided if I should go in or stay away for I wasn’t really hungry when a girl talked to me out of a sudden: “You have to get in there!” And then I was telling her about my dilemma.

She, Flora and he, Hubert were sitting and talking and eating and they invited me to sit at their table right next to the door of the restaurant.

Actually Flora reminded me of Chiara whom I met exactly one year ago in NYC so I kinda thought “This is such a sign” but she actually was not from italy but from brazil. And Hubert lives in south sweden but actually comes from hungary and poland. We talked a little while, saw two girls protesting for the girl band from russia who are (as I am writing) still emprisoned, Pussy Riot, you know them)

In the end I was taking a photo of the 3 of us! Sometimes it is so much fun meeting strangers on the street- you have no prejudice (sometimes), no names, no brands, no ideas & ideals and you’re just talking and getting to know interesting characters like they just escaped from a novel. Like in “Midnight In Paris” but different.

I said goodbyer for the ice-cream was still screaming for me, but for that I had to walk till Södermalm to Götgatans “Stikki Nikki” to have a GREAT, DELICIOUS, HUGE & therefor cheap gelato! I payed per ball 15kr. and I had almond ice cream & rasperry sorbet! The shop itself is so cute…

I was walking back home to Veronica and we watched “The Proposal” which was actually not that bad. And actually, but that is a secret, I really like Sandra Bullock!


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