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New York as a Tourist

Actually this is exactly one year ago, and finally i am Posting IT today :)

Last weekend my friend Mai I met in New York visited me on her way home to Tokio, Japan. I was very happy, when she told me she is coming to my town Freiburg to meet me So I made some plans, what I could show her, what we could do and especially what we are about to eat!

So this is also kind of a little Tour Guide for you as well ;)

After work I went straight to the trainstation to pick Mai up, unfortunately we missed each other and so I went to the hotel she was staying in near by. She haven’t arrived yet so I waited for her some time and when she finally showed up I was so overwhelmed to meet her again!!!

I waited for her in the lobby for she could bring her stuff to her room. We walked through the city, I showed her some place but we both were starving. So I took her to one of my favorite places “Oma’s Küche” (granny’s kitchen) and we had dinner. Yummy!!!

I had “Käsespätzle” and a “Radler” (beer mixed with sprite), Mai had the same, for I highly recommended Käsespätzle (and I always do!)





After dinner we went to the place I regularly go every thursday. “Freiburg Bar” for tonight’s karaoke night. It was sick! And with sick I mean great! It was the first time, Mai sang karaoke in front of more than a box full of people. You know, in Japan it is “tradition” to sing karaoke in boxes and not in front of an audience.


Andi and Luise :D

DSC_6069 DSC_6071 DSC_6072 DSC_6076 DSC_6083

Carina singing

DSC_6085 DSC_6088

With Carina and Luise



Me, Jun and Mai

写真 (2) 写真 (4)


You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew…

She was singing “Colours of the Wind” (Pocahontas) and it was so beautiful!!!

写真 (5)

But when “Ich war noch niemals in New York” came up we were partying so hard, happy about the here and now and happy about having met one year ago in NYC!!!

After the last song (2am) I brought her to her hotel and I went straight to bed, for I had to get up in the morning for work, as I have to every day :P

Mai visited me at work and I showed her around.

L1110100 L1110098 L1110096 L1110095 L1110091

Mai- the Statue of Liberty


Working on a suit for the opera “Nabucco”



Old University


I explained, what a “Spitzbogen” is


City Hall


in front of the Freiburger Münster


On the Münster Tower

DSC_6104 L1110145   DSC_6099 DSC_6101


DSC_6102 DSC_6103


DSC_6105 DSC_6107

Little Houses on Houses

DSC_6108 DSC_6115 DSC_6116

L1110157 DSC_6119 DSC_6120  DSC_6131



Creepy “Artists”


We had dinner at Vapianos


Watched the english play “Angels in America”DSC_6136

Nice Coffin

写真 (6)

Cocktails afterwards :)

Day 3:

First we went to the Stühlinger Market and bought some breakfast and fruits. It was such a windy day, it almoist blew us away…

DSC_6139 DSC_6142 DSC_6143 DSC_6144

You see…

DSC_6145 L1110179 L1110183

Mai on the Blue Bridge

L1110185 L1110186 L1110187

A little snail on my strawberry :)

DSC_6150 DSC_6151

Afterwards we went to the Münster Market where Mai bought a coocoo pipe ;)DSC_6158 DSC_6171

L1110208 DSC_6173

Most of the time I am with my yellow Wellingtons.DSC_6178   L1110230 L1110235

Really narrow way

Mai and the crocodile


L1110263 L1110268 L1110270


up the hill at “Schau ins Land”


Mai and the Holbeinpferdchen (Edition July 2012)


Original Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte at Altstadt CafeL1110298 L1110299   DSC_6203

Mai with Beck’s Beer and a vegan dish I cooked for us


In the evening we went to a WG-Party at Luises (their WG PArties are one of the best!!!) And we returned home pretty late.

DSC_6205 L1110313 L1110314

Made by Carina


The final day… :/

So sad that Mai would leave for Switzerland very soon we had our last meal together, breakfast/brunch whatever ;)




As a thank you Mai gave me chopsticks, a postcard from NY and a Mighty Wallet, which is awesome… It is made our of a Ney York Subway map and undestroyable :DDSC_6214 DSC_6215

And it was pouring down when Mai packed her bags…DSC_6216 DSC_6217   L1110319 L1110320

Until the next time, Mai <3


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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 1, 29th of August: Goodbye, Freiburg

“If I’d only took the plane, instead of this shit old lame train”

The next “pages” (here it is posts) imply my experiences on the several stages of my long journey…

Freiburg -> Hamburg
9:49               15:35 (without transfer)

The first 10 songs, random, on my journey:

1. Elbow- The Stops
2. Exit Ten- Curtain Calls
3. Pink- Magical Shower Outrun
4. Nouvelle Vague- Shack Up
5. Pretty Girls Make Graves- Holy Names
6. The Organ- Sinking Hearts
7. Buddy Holly Musical Cast- Words Of Love
8. We Were Promised Jetpacks- Moving Clocks Run Slow
9. William Fitzsimmons- Hold On With My Open Hands
10. Travis- Writing To Reach You

I look like a geek oO

(Kommentar Samstag Abend vor der Abreise: Aaaaah! Endlich Urlaub!!! Juhu!!!

Finlly the journey starts! I packed my backpack, guitar and tote bag & walked to the trainstation, OMG how heavy my luggage was!!! But I didn’t walk the whole way of course, we have trams here :)

The train ride was quiet fine, I listend mostly to Nada Surf, recognizing I missed to transform some LP onto my musical device I am using newly, whatever…

I read “Life of Pi” (Schiffbruch mit Tiger) this book is giving me strange feelings I don’t know yet which exactly.

We didn’t have delay (hooray!) and right now I am sitting on the couch of my friend Lisa in Hamburg.
Notice: To get a weekly ticket for Metro in Hamburg, you have to have a picture (must be a photo, not only a print!) of you. I hope I can get one somewhere tomorrow!

Now I have to go to sleep, 10 pm I am very sleepy since hours, I tried sleeping on the train but that did not really work out! Tomorrow my course is going to start! I am very excited about that!! I have to go to the subway station “Hoheluftbrücke” and take the U3 to “Uhlandstrasse” to get to the HAW in Armgartstrasse- I hope the weather will be fine!!!

view from the couch :)

Good night


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P52-12 # 8 & 9

For I missed last weeks competition (of course I had to miss one, but I was just too busy fighting against a virus on my PC) I am posting 2 topics for project 52-12 this time.

No. 8 was “Typical man/woman” and I actually did not really like the topic but I finally found something, that kind of “fits”… but not directly… (something like Terminator would fit perfectly!)

I love these kinds of cinema signs :)

And here’s topic No.9: I love…

I love my new town! Definately! And I love the weekly market on saturdays and the upcoming spring!!! It feels so good. The wind is already warm and the sun is shining so mad at me :) It’s great!

The new tofu-stand on the market, right next to the meat-stands :P

Not to forget: the shitting birds on the Münster!

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