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Remake your Grandmas Tischdecke

Is there something more beautiful than having unique clothes no one, really no one else has got? I really like the idea, maybe that is one of the reasons I became a dress maker :)

(with swallows)

Following I wanna show you a very easy tutorial, I actually found in the Sewing Calender 2011. It is such a cool idea to recycle old table-cloth, it is creative and, if it is a very old table-cloth with maybe some coffeespots on it, very unique :)
(I had to applicate something on the skirt because there has been a big hole unfortunately)

We also live in a time, in which we have to think about our environment and our recources… If we begin to recycle the smallest things, even clothes, we can save our nature enormously. Wasting paper, water and clothes isn’t at good at all… But if you really want to throw away your old or out- of- fashion pants maybe give it washed(!!!) to a kindergarden (they can craft with them), to a theater (they always need old stuff) or to a public utility collection.

(this tablecloth was very special: it was made in 1982 (stitched on it) and everybody participating to work at this tablecloth stitched his(and yes, there have been some boys) or her name on it!)

I’ve already made 3 of the table-cloth skirts, 2 covers I took from my fathers mother and the last one my father gave it to me after clearing an old flat.

Depending on where you wanna wear the skirt (on your hips or on your waist) you have to measure your hips or your waist.

Fold the cloth in the middle and figure out the middle of straight line, mark it.

Now take the measurement of your hips/waist divide it through 4. This is the length you are measuring to both sides of your straight line and orthogonal to the middle. Now draw a half circle and cut it out.

Debaste the circle line and lay it over with 1 cm, sew kind of a tunnel and leave a  length of 4 cm open!

Now you have to take a narrow rubber 5 cm less than your hips/waist, take a saftey pin, fix the rubber and push it through the tunnel, if you are through the tunnel, sew the ends together and close the opening of your tunnel.

Finish :)

This is my favorite!!! It’s so colourful and with so many flowers :)

Both handbands I made after the very great tutorial by Jenny from wolkengleich. I love these turban-like headbands and I want to knit a scarf with this technique that soon :)


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Christmas Blog Party on Lu Loves Handmade

Hello dear readers!

My dear friend Lu is having a blog party again, this time, for it is christmas time, a blog party just for christmas stuff and DIYs ;)

And today I am having a guest post, I am showing you a tutorial how to make tea bags in christmas shapes on your own :) It’s really great I have to admit and the tea I mixed in a shop tastes pretty awesome ;)

So, have a look on Lu’s blog once again ;)

Have a nice evening!


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Photo Challenge Day 10: Something I Made

So, this is quite hard, for I make very much myself… I am a dressmaker for female and now for male wardrobe, too, so I sew much. I am also painting and crafting and whatever… So I decided to show something I made just about a week ago: crown cap earrings. My friend Lu made me one pair of Astra (northern german beer) for my birthday and I really love them <3 So I decided when I found one crown cap with a humming bird on it by a river to make earrings out of it… But how to find out, what kind of drink this is? Ecosia (or google)… So I found out it is a new “alcopop” called Bayao… it should be beer with caiprinha flavor… I tell you, it is so sweet and disgusting, you don’t need to try I did for you :D So when I had two of them I made earrings, this is the result:

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