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NY Day 04: August 17th 2011

Lost in the park

The street I lived in

Of course I needed to take a walk in a park finally. So I chose to stand up early in the morning to be very early for I had an appointment with the others for breakfast in Manhatten. I went to Prospect Park (to the Q to Parkside Ave) and ha d a walk, but I really got lost and very late…

Sitting on a bench in the park- my feet got a little wet (flooded lake after the big rain)

Wanted to take the sub at “Prospect Park” but didn’t find it so I went to 7th Ave with a very fast walking guy. There, or before, I saw a big Quadriga, but not as big and as beautiful as in Braunschweig/Brunswick! So I saw a little part of Brooklyn but I definately liked it!

I came half an hour too late, we went near Madison Square Garden, next to Chiaras residence The New Yorker and had breakfast in a diner. I had pancakes with lemon, ricotta and blue- and raspberries. Unfortunately it was too sweet for me!

After school we went to the Central Park to take a rest, everyone of us needed to. When we got back to Chiaras residence Francesco notived he lost his sunglasses so we had to go back looking for them and we found them!

May I present you? The Beatles!

Hotair Balloon :)

After that we had a slice of pizza for I was starving and then went to a rooftopbar for free at 230 E28th and 5th Ave. The sight was awesome but the party sucked =) Nevertheless it was fun with my friends. I came home by 3am and had a refreshing shower.


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