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Vegan Recipe #3: Macadamia Coooooookies

Finally I baked my first vegan cookies!!! They taste so good, but still, as with the other cookies I had, they are too crunchy… I like cookies more if they are soft and smooth :) So I have to try out, what I have to change making them like that. But Now I tell you how I made the first vegan cookies I’ve ever made :)


1st part:

100 g washed(!!!) macadamia nuts
100 g vegan chocolate
100 g sugar
140 g vegan butter
50 g of grounded almonds
pinch of salt
vanilla sugar or real vanilla
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (don’t use more, trust me!)
1 table spoon of  apple purée (as alternative for 1 egg)

2nd part:

180 g flour
1 tea spoon of  baking powder


It’s pretty simple:

1. cut the washed macadamias into pieces you might think appropriate for your cookies

2. mix all the ingredients of the first part together, make them to a smooth dough (a cookie dough, haha)

3. now filter the flour and the baking powder over your dough making sure you don’t get any hard parts into your dough

4. heat the oven, I used 200° and turned it down when I put the cookies in to 180°

5. form your cookies as big as you want (I got 14 out of it)

6. put them into the oven and wash up ;)

7. after 15-20 minutes (please watch your cookies for every oven is an individual) put them out of the oven and let them cool down

8. enjoy your cookies with friends :)


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