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NY Day 21: 3rd of September 2011

All my bags are packed, I am so not ready to go.

Yes I look pretty unpretty… I simply can’t hide my feelings :(

I was very lucky, Trini’s plane would take off only 10 minutes earlier than mine, so we spent the last hours together!

And spending the rest of our money on food :D

Smiling but not really happy…

Thank you for watching and reading but of all: Thanks, New York!

I always wanted to go to New York and what was happening to me? I finally, after 10 years, I went there, and it was one of the best times in my life!

I miss this city so much, I even dream a lot about New York still.

Thank you for showing me so many sides of you, you can really say “I am not a box, I don’t have only 4 sides”

It’s pretty hard to write these last words to you, maybe it sounds naive but I really like you :)

When I went to the airport I listened to my music again, and I wrote down the first 10 songs, just like when I was in Frankfurt… But I can’t find the list. I know I listened to Johnny Cash again, to John Lennon and to Charlie Winston’s song “Soundtrack to Falling in love”(which in deed is an awesome song, you should listen to it) (and sure there was also a DCFC song)

When I entered my plane I suddenly started crying so hard I couldn’t calm myself down… I really didn’t want to go, but I had to…

But I will return.

I promise.

When I first saw this girl I thought it was me :D The same hairdo and the same sadness after leaving the Big Apple.


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