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U No What??? Duck Off!

Guess who’s here? Gossip Girl, the one and only source of your upper east side trash :D The following text it total fiction (and totally stranger than fiction!) and in no comparison of any living person.

Sometimes, and you may ask yourself why I’m writing english to you now, because…. ach, fuck off… No, not you, but these thoughts in my head.
I began with sometimes… sometimes I begin to wonder, if you (I dont mean the normal readers here but one person) read all of this stuff I’m talking about, if you follow the things I am up to, the things I’m showing, making, writing… I am just wondering. And If you would, it would be worth thinking about you, but probably you dont, cause you didn’t even try staying friends, so even this text is a total waste of time.
Sometimes you realize when your moving (moving out, moving on) you are leaving and only those persons who are really interested in you stay in contact. But even if I was there, you dind’t. So I guess your not worth thinking. At least you didnt’t even try talking to me (well if you ever did) and well I’m talking this now from my soul for I start all over. All fucking over and I don’t want you to disturb me.
I don’t know what I just did to you, I only know what you did to me, but not talking to me and pretending I wasn’t there isn’t a solution. You need to talk, but if you’ll never let someone into your thoughts and you heart you’ll never be happy. You are always thinking “there’s something better” or even” I deserve something better”- ASSHOLE!!!

This castle in the sky you built is just a monument of your fucked up fantasy of … oh whatever!

This is for you, if you read it you’ll know it, and I wont ever regret, writing this. Maybe you will read, because you’re still following what I’m doing and if not, the better for me.

And your fucking calendar I got from you on Christmas can you tell me what exactly this was???  And does your girlfriend even know? Maybe one day I’ll upload this- anyone interested?

But I am here, not to sing for you, cuz my voice won’t sing, since she met you- oh, these lyrics I wrote almost 7 years ago are so true right now.

U No U <3 Me

Gossip Girl

Ankündigung: Bald folgt eine Reihe, in der ich ein paar wenige Blogs, die ich ständig verfolge, vorstellen werde, werden Pointing @ heissen, all eyes on is zwar cooler, aber leider geklaut ;)
u.a. werde ich den Stiller und die Lu vorstellen und deren Sachen, die die beiden machen.

PS: Hab ein neues Lied geschrieben unter dem Titel: Ro(y)bot Song, nicht über meine ehemalige Band, nur im Titel, es geht um Cyborgs und Cowboys und Enten ;) Habs heute schonmal “gedemot”, muss mir mal anhören, was ich so da produziert habe. Bis Bald auf myspace.com/maryjaneinsanemusic :D

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