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Photo Challenge Day 24: A Smile (Homage to Loriot)

Actually… I really didn’t like these theme we had this day, but finally I figured out, what I will show to you…

2 Days ago one of the best german cartoonists and comedians, Vicco von Bülow aka Loriot, died in the age of 81. He was not only a cartoonist and a comedian but a director, and actor, he set some operas in scene (Der Freischütz) and many, many more… If you don’t know him, there is also a youtube (actually there are some!) calles “german grandfather” and some people from abroad might thought that this was real :D haha… great, I post it here also, but first the picture.

The Picture shows a towel I’ve got some years ago from my sister and it shows the famous bathroom scene from Dr. Müller-Lüdenscheidt who suddenly has a stranger in his bathingtub ;) This scene always used to make me smile.

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Photo Challenge Days 22 & 23

I am slowing down… In my first week of my stay in NY I shot nearly 300 pictures and more every day, now I am taking 400 in 3 days… that’s good… For my friends and my family, so they don’t need to see over 10,000 of pictures ;)

Day 22: trees

Monday I shot a picture of a sticker in the restroom of Arlene’s Grocery, where we saw the live Rock’n’Roll Karaoke show, it was great!!!

Day 23: sunset

Actually I shot this picture a week ago, when we were in Battery Park and so exhausted from our walking tour through Little Italy, China Town and the Final District.

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Photo Challenge Day 21: Pretty Pattern

Today I was in the MET, not the big Opera House, the museum.

IMPORTANT: You don’t need to pay the whole 20$, most of the people don’t know, that this is only kind of a suggestion, what you might pay (I mean it is an amount of arts and stuff in it, so it makes sense BUT… you don’t make it in 1 or even 2 days, you need lots of time and nerves!!!) So… the thing is… It is always donation… You are the one deciding how much you pay, so we payed 1$ to get into the MET… great, ha? And it’s the same with the Natural History Museum on the other side of Central Park, I will visit this or next week.

The first room we visited was kind of Asien/African (I have no idea what it really was) cultural arts…

Because we were very late we only got to see a little little little bit of the museum, so the 1$ was seriously ok :)

Have a great visit at the MET :)

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