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alltägliche und zugleich ungewöhnliche dinge die mir oder anderen widerfahren

All Apologies

Hey Fellow Readers!

I am sorry to tell but I’ve got a writer’s cramp so I have to be careful with my right arm- played too much guitar yesterday!!! Some posts are prepared but you have to wait for them until I can work on the pictures.

You will know when the next post on my Summer Edition 2012 will follow :)

So sorry to delay- have a great time until then!


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Haven’t been posting in a long time

… Sorry for that… I couldn’t write, post and of all take photos for the photo challenges :/ But I was pretty pretty busy, I was on stage with my Musical Group in my town which was pretty awesome (I’ll show you some pics later on)…

This post is just a post :)


Have a great week, this week is my brithday and I’m going to prepare a little party with the motto “Superheros & Comics” I am pretty curious but very loking forward. Especially for my friends to come… I am looking forward to seeing Lu the most since we haven’t met since New Years ;)

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P52-12 #6: title picture

Actually this is a very hard one and I dont really like the topic :/ But I want to participate the whole year, so this is my title picture:

A pirate’s ship on a childrens playground :)

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