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Hello dear readers!

I am so sorry, I havent postet in months… I was so busy, but the year was really great and I still want to talk about my last year and all the stuff I did… I fear that is so much, I can’t really do that ;) So, I thought about giving you an insight of it while showing you my favorite Instagram pictures of the year.

This first post is one photo per month, the next post(s) will be a little more detailed… :)

I hope you enjoy this, and while staring at my pictures you can listen to my fairytale, I wrote 2 weeks ago :)

1st of January, me celebrating New Years Eve with one of my best friends, Lu, in Potsdam. Same procedure as every year.



My music wall in my new room (moved there december)


Colourful year, one of the colours was green



very warm April, me and Carina chilling at Seepark, Freiburg


After the casting: The new Cast of Mondo Musical Group for the play “ENDLICH FREIburg!”


Night out at The Great Räng Teng Teng in June



One belated birthday present I received in July


Finally: Haldern in August (for the first time)


Early september, me in Dublin, traveled through Ireland for ten days.

Sadly in october my dog Felix died…




Went to London in novembre


And finally had another way to celebrate christmas this year in decembre. Look how great my tree is!

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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 43, 9th of September: The Return


Well, what is left to be said? I returned two hours ago, writing into the diary since I didn’t wright a word since I got to Paris. The day started nice: I had breakfast with Hanna & Ante, we watched some photos of our vacation & got to the train station. We said goodbye but not for long for we will see us the next morning at work!

The Last 10 songs of my journey:

1. Muse- Please, Please, Please
2.  Tomte- Schreit den Namen meiner Mutter
3. Chopin- No. 7 (Preludes)
4. Cyndi Lauper- I Drove All Night
5. Grizzly Bear- Slow Life
6. Motion City Soundtrack- Track 7
7. Die Ärzte- Paul
8. Dredg- Ode To The Sun
9. David Dondorero- Outbound Sound
10. Fleetwood Mac- No Questions Asked (Great Ending!!!)

When I got back to Freiburg I was afraid there were no trams to my place, luckily there were, but only leaving for my direction, because there are some constructions still!


Still I have to wash my clothes but wanted to finish this here- I know myself- it would lie here unfinished until whatever (just like the New York Diary and the blog, haha!)

This time was so magical!

I got to see so many places.

I got to learn so many faces

Belonging to great people

Whom I am happy to have met!

It was mostly positive & beautiful

I had great weather for british, irish and swedish circumstances.

We will see, what will come next ‘cuz you’ll never know and “Grab Your Luck While You Can, It MIght Be Gone By Tomorrow!”

XOXO my friends, I am home!


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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 42, 8th of September: A Long Expected Journey


Well- not really long expected, but since Paris it seemed to me very long! Just another hours of Paris prrofing how nice (not!) it is- thank you- I will hopefully not return.

At least one place on my journey must be like that ;)

I need to cut my fringe!!!

So I went with my luggage to Gare ‘l Est and waited a long time for I was far too early! I took the TGV to Karlsruhe with the following songs:

1. Sophie Nash- Don’t be fooled (I won’t)
2. Get Well Soon (Hopefully I will)- You Use All Your Senses Just For Being Sad
3. Joseph Arthur- You’re So True (Thanks, Joe!)
4. Paolo Nutini- Alloway Grove
5. Foo Fighters- All My Life (Always yes!)
6.  Dredg- Quotes
7. Mika- Now I Know How Morrisey Felt (kinda yes!)
8. INXS- Devil Inside (of course)
9. Sophia- So Slow
10. Fred Astaire- A Needle In The Haystack

Hanna and her boyfriend (now fiance) Ante picked me up at the station with their cabriolet & it was so frwaking warm in Germany! Hadn’t had these temperatures in weeks! Sunny & Happy =)



First we went to their place & then hanna took me to the city to show me the castle, the theatre & a shopping mall… I spent there much money- bought a cute squirrel pillow & a yellow coat for autumn.


When we got back we cooked a delicious and, without the tomato-onion-feta salad- a vegan dish! Had noodles with vegetables- delicious! Hadn’t had such great food since… Mh…

We watched TV & drank german beer a la “Alsterwasser”.

Slept tight on their couch :)

Last Couch for this vacation!!!


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