Summer Edition ‘012 Day 42, 8th of September: A Long Expected Journey


Well- not really long expected, but since Paris it seemed to me very long! Just another hours of Paris prrofing how nice (not!) it is- thank you- I will hopefully not return.

At least one place on my journey must be like that ;)

I need to cut my fringe!!!

So I went with my luggage to Gare ‘l Est and waited a long time for I was far too early! I took the TGV to Karlsruhe with the following songs:

1. Sophie Nash- Don’t be fooled (I won’t)
2. Get Well Soon (Hopefully I will)- You Use All Your Senses Just For Being Sad
3. Joseph Arthur- You’re So True (Thanks, Joe!)
4. Paolo Nutini- Alloway Grove
5. Foo Fighters- All My Life (Always yes!)
6.  Dredg- Quotes
7. Mika- Now I Know How Morrisey Felt (kinda yes!)
8. INXS- Devil Inside (of course)
9. Sophia- So Slow
10. Fred Astaire- A Needle In The Haystack

Hanna and her boyfriend (now fiance) Ante picked me up at the station with their cabriolet & it was so frwaking warm in Germany! Hadn’t had these temperatures in weeks! Sunny & Happy =)



First we went to their place & then hanna took me to the city to show me the castle, the theatre & a shopping mall… I spent there much money- bought a cute squirrel pillow & a yellow coat for autumn.


When we got back we cooked a delicious and, without the tomato-onion-feta salad- a vegan dish! Had noodles with vegetables- delicious! Hadn’t had such great food since… Mh…

We watched TV & drank german beer a la “Alsterwasser”.

Slept tight on their couch :)

Last Couch for this vacation!!!


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