Summer Edition ‘012 Day 33, 30th of August: Glück im Unglück Nummer 1

Bald würde ich mich schon von Anna & Dori verabschieden, doch erst frühstücken wir Ihre Reste und ich brachte beide zum Busbahnhof → why I just wrote german I can’t actually tell you =) Maybe because I am still confused and shocked of the day…


We are!

DSC_0861 DSC_0875

Yes, sometimes.




Attention: Very long text!!! Enjoy :)

Soon I would say goodbye to Anna and Dori but first we had breakfast & then we took a bus to the busstation. We said our goodbyes and hopefully we meet again in London.

I went to a Hostel to book a room/bed for 2 nights (38.50 pounds) and got rid of my stuff to walk a little bit through the city. I walked near Liverpool Cathedral, LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts- formed by Sir Paul McCartney), the beautiful Docks, passed by some museums and at one there was a piano outside the door, everyone is allowed to play.

DSC_0887 DSC_0896 DSC_0906 DSC_0914

I am flying…


I sat down and played finally on a real piano since I left my hometown! It was tuned and felt so great! I played some exercised, some melodies, Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, Muse, Imagine by John Lennon, Slut… The stuff I am like always playing.

DSC_1000 DSC_0986 DSC_0968 DSC_0960 DSC_0954 DSC_0927

Another Grafton Street

I went back to the city to get lost a little bit, had a box of chips, ate at St. John’s Park. It passed 3 o’clock and I wanted to get to Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields but first I wanted to put my stuff into my room in the hostel. So did I, at the room I met two german girls, Maria & Lisa with whom I exchanged numbers instantly to do something in the evening, hopefully an open stage. I packed my totebag to get downstairs to the internet room to check the Penny Lane area firrst. Then…

DSC_1011 DSC_1016 DSC_1027

the last piucture before…

IT HAPPENED… (I guess all of you already know the story but now you can finally read what happened…)

I stumbled on the first step of the stairs, tried to catch myself by speeing up & at the last step I fell and hurt my left foot, like very, very much! I felt I couldn’t get up, began to cry and shouted for “Help!“ (no fun… no Beatles quotation). So many people came to help me, calm down & call an ambulance for it hurt like hell!

The hostel manager was sitting next to me & many ohter people when i suddenly noticed two familiar german voices talking. It were Lisa & Maria and I told them I was lying there and they came immidiately. And the most crazy thing: they came with me to the hospital!!!

DSC_1028 DSC_1031 DSC_1033

Everything was like a blur. I don’t know who was there at the stairs but I know like so many were there… When the ambulance came they asked me about the accident and I told my story but began to feel sick… I had to got upstairs… They didn’t carry me upstairs, I had to jump on my own, which seemed to impress them because I was doing a great job on that, I think this was just my shock- reaction still. Adrenaline you know. At the ambulance Lisa & Maria brought me a hospital-kit the got from the manager. It was a magazine, a chocolate bar, bottle of water and an umbrella :D We three and the two men of the ambulance were laughing a lot and began taking photos… I got some gas to kill my pain- laughing gas which made me dizzy so quickly but it didn’t help so much so I stopped taking it. But still it was funny. Befor I got in the ambulance I was in a wheel-chair for the very first time in life in serious way. The ambulance people were dressed in darrk green jumpers, almost like the old german policemen uniform.



In the hospital we waited for almost 4 hours. Still we had fun. We met a boy, Jamie, who just had the same injury like me- splained left foot! It was actually his birthday and he, without talking to us in the first place or even got to know us, invited us to his birthday on the „Black Diamond“, a ship that was just in the Albert Docks, where I have been in the morning. We think he mibght had a theme party „bad taste“, because Jamie wore a lilac onezie with a lilac shirt and flip flops. The girl with him, Holly, took a photo of the 4 of us and probably posted it on facebook.

An old male nurse was very angry with us for we were making fun all time long… Whatever- I had the big pain, not he! We got free tea/ coffee by anothewr nurse which made us very happy!

Finally I got to a doctor who checked my foot by feeling & pressing it first. When she told me to try walking and I put some weight on my left foot I began to cry because of the pain. So she sent me with crooches to the x-ray. Some hours (not really, but it felt so long) I got to the same doctor & she told me I had a splain, my foot wasn’t broken. Lucky me!!! (hahaha, I should have know better!) I got a compression stocking & pain killers, she took the crooches away from me & I had to walk on my own if it wasn’t for Lisa & Maria still, who waited all the time with me!!! What did the man in the ambulance say? „Tomorrow you’ll be best friends.“ Sort of, yes =)

“Ok, this may sound crazy, but I have to take a photo of this door right now…” (Walking back from the hospital to the hostel…)

I am very glad I met them, the time a t the hospital besides the strange & bloody persons who were there was actually fun. We walked back to the Hostel & cooked gnocchi & spaghetti with tomato sauce & mozzarella. I had such a huge hunger I had a big portion, Lisa as well, but suddenly Maria didn’t feel so well anymore :( We went to bed pretty early for all of us were so exhausted by this crazy day. I listened to Hape Kerkeling again, fell asleep & Maria told me in the morning I was singing in my sleep :D

Good night


I <3 Liverpool


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