Summer Edition ‘012 Day 28, 25th of August: On my way to Belfast

The day was not that interesting until I went to Belfast by bus, the first 10 songs I heard randomly:

1. Travis- Before You Were Young
2. Anajo- Die Sonne Über Haunstetten
3. Elbow- Bitten By The Tailfly
4. El Perro Del Mar- The Sun Is An Old Friend
5. Johnny Cash- Devil’s Right Hand
6. Die Ärtze- Heroin Für Katzen
7. Philipp Boa & The VooDoo Club- The Impossible
8. The Clash- Complete Control
9. I Am Kloot- One Man Brawl
10. Senses Fail- Cute When You

The journey through east Ireland was so beautiful! Seriously I need to have vacation only in ireland one day and travel just there with my car Justus Jonas!!!

Busstation Dublin

When I arrived my two couchsurfing hosts Kieran & Ronan picked me up at the bus station and brought me to their flat! Quickly after that Kieran showed me around in a very high speed because he had to do some voluntary work afterwards. But that was fine and completely nice that still he took his time for that!

Bustraveling through Ireland is so great!!!

Kieran, drinking beer out of a martini glass- very 50s like :)

Later on some friends of them came around for drinking and a party we all went together. It was a “Mad Men” (the series) theme party, the guys wore suits which looked so great and the girls pettycoats, cocktail dresses and so on… It was so nice & fun although I felt a little underdressed! :D


In Belfast you need to go partying very early for everything closes at 2am, some at 3am, the lights are turned on & the music is off! I was very surprised about that! We went to one the the friends flat and their pleayed some guitar… Oh! I forgot that =)

I want this cup!!!

tea & toast make everything better!

Back at Kieran’s & Ronan’s flat I gave a small concert (played 3 songs) finally! This was eralier in the evening and this was my deal I made for my couch surfing all over Ireland, Great Britain and the rest. I played Chewed-Up Tape, New York and Killing In The Name Of Valentine. So back to the other flat- there I had kind of my second gig in Belfast. I playes Sunglasses During Rain and Happily Ever After. We went back home after a wonderful evening, had tea & toast and  I slept on the famous red couch!



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