Summe Edition ´012 Day 26, August 23rd: Hope Of Howth

Slow day but not lame at all!

my return ticket to Howth

After getting up I went to Howth, the coast place very close to Dublin! And SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Not talking about the weather. No, one thing I have to tell: A small girl saying on the walking tour to her grandma “It’s raining”(In the most adorable accent I’ve ever heard- and well, it was raining), the Grandmother responded “No, it isn’t” =) So great, but she was right as well, it wasn’t that bad!

watching some dogs play in the water

some pictures are missing, show you them by tomorrow, so sorry!

It was very windy but the view even killed that!!! It’s indiscribable… Lighthouses, birds, gulls, waves and water, cliffs, cliffspringers, flowers, horses, shells, dogs…

sitting on a cliff

wall made of seashells

Actually I wanted to take the easy route, than I decided to take the 2nd hardest. In the ending I walked the longest route!!! At one point I wanted to give up and cry, but how to if you are in the middle of an island where’s no bus and no one around you?!

exhausted- and still some steps to go

So I kept on walking with one thought “If you make this, you’ll be very happy!” – True Story!


I took the next train “home” (for I meant the city) and looked for a place to eat, decided for “Cornucopia” a vegetarian selfservice restaurant where I had carrot-coconut chickpea soup and a banana-walnut muffin. (Look up for “another chance to love”-a note I can’t identify right now, I think I ment a song?!)

dinner at Cornucopia

There I met a girl called Lena, it was so full that I invited her to sit at my table and we began talking about ourselfs and so. It was really nice. She comes from Toronto and lives in Dublin since 10 years. Wokring at a hospital and still stuying and eating at Cornucopia like every day =) I am glad I met her, but unfortunately I don’t have her contact :/

After dinner I met Svenja and we went to Kung Fu lesson! So funny and great, I need to do more sports when I arrive home again! Got a blister on my right hand, but nevermind!

When I walked back home  through Temple Bar I stopped in several bars for there was live music everyfuckingwhere!!! In “The Temple Bar” itself was a trio playing “Don’t stop believing” which was awesome and the best version on the song I’ve ever heard, beside the version my friend Kaddy was singing at live karaoke :)

… And, I never did stop!



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