Summer Edition `012 Day 23, 20th of August: The Day Before

tried this dress on but didn’t buy… Should I???

I am so tired! It’s my habit- the last day in a city is like I have to do like sooooo many things that I will sleep very well. Actually I wanted to get up earlier but a dream kept me sleeping. I was dreaming I dated “Scott Pilgrim” who was also Michael Cera, which is quite funny and cute! =) I really liked that dream so I dreamt & dreamt…

I went to the first fabric store in St. Paulsgatan Tygverket (there are two in the street) and a pretty girl I just sae selling on the flea market yesterday was working there, I also took a photo of her at the flea!

I went to the city where I bought 1 pair of tights in light green at H&M, they are having great colours right now!
There I also saw the first H&M Home store :)

I walked up Drottningsgatan and found a great vintage store as well walked dowm a parallel street- Sveavägan and found a place where I printed out some photos for postcards!

double-printed t-shirt :D

I accidentally found that in the Konserthuset were like free exhibitions (small but good) and when I walked in there was a concert of an a-capella boygroup of 4 who were cool. Pretty young I guess, too! They were singing Elvis songs and other stuff… And there was a small Banksy exhibition which reminded me I have to look up places in the UK where I will find some Banksys!

students try to raise attention of the politicians to raise more money for arts.

Walked down to Gamla Stan to take a ferry to Djurgarden to get to the Växhuset of Rosendals Slott to eat finally THE BEST KLADDKAKA IN SVERIGE!!!!!

I also had grädde (whipped cream), a coffee (you can take as much as you want) and flowers on my piece of cake. I payed 67 kronor which was Colombi-Hoitel like but it was worth it!” Sat in the garden & wrote some postcards!

Went with the Tram 7 to the Kulturhuset which’s bibliotek happened to be closed… So I went to Slussen to walk to the Fotografiska where I payed 80kr to see the Sally Mann exhibition & August Strindberg exhibition. I went up to the topfloor to have an awesome view on Stockholm! Oh, I will miss it!!! But I am very excited as well about the next adventures!

towels in the bathroom of the fotografiska

I will stay at Joseph’s place which seems to be big since two other girls are staying there & kinda his whole family. I will meet Svenja from my old school and hopefully we can spend some time together! But still there is tomorrow & I have to get to the airport…

another vegetarian restaurant



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