Summer Edition `012 Day 21, 18th of August: Drottningholm


And so this is halftime, let’s have a break!

Maybe at a castle maybe at Drottningholmen. I went there again with Sarah, Kathi, Peter, Steffen, Julian and the wonderful Doris! The castle reminded me a little bit of Sans Soucci in Potsdam but in a very tiny, simple, understating way. The garden was very nice, there is an island just for dogs and their keepers, a gothic tower which doesn’t really look gothic at all, some sheep, water & water, mazes, fountains, geocaches.

People shoting a photo of their dog with tourists.



It was such anice trip! We walked across a lake, we had coffe and cake (morrotskaka)-almost tasted like the carrotmuffin I had in NYC. There we sat on a cliff and the boys went swimming again (at least the water was clean!) I really like it there you also had a nice view to the castle.

I need to take more photos with my Lomo, I forgot I’ve got it with me day by day! When we went back we went to Kathi’s place to have dinner, we made pancakes-yummy! We also played a boardgame but I don’t know the name of it- tired right now, for it is already 2:34 in the morning.

Went home around midnight but I walked from Slussen so I could take nightphotographs of Södermalm.

Gott natt!


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