Summer Edition ’012 Day 18, 15th of August: Walking about

It is wednesday and guess what! Peter No. II from Kaiserslautern just wrote me that him, hs girlfriend Sarah &  his flatmates I also know are just about to be here in Stockholm!!! How cool is that? The last time I saw Peter was at my gig in Kaiserslautern in july. But all the others I saw the last time when I was still living here, so more than 2 years ago! I will probably meet them tomorrow.


Today we went shopping groeries at Hemköp which I really like! They have a big candies (godies) shelf with STAR WARS  godies!!! How great is that???

I need to learn a lesson (Oh, I should have learnt that one, seriously): Do nothing & enjoy! I am still learning by doing but it is hard. Yesterday I was crocheting but today not. Also playing no guitar!

Veronica and me were walking up a small hill in Södermalm where the view was great! Should be beautiful in the evening when the sun is setting.

Later we were going for a little walk as well in Södermalm and we had pizza in the evening and we watched “Eragon”, which I hadn’t seen before! This is also a vacation where I will see many movies I haven’t seen before and kind of wanted to.

Munich Brewery


We went to sleep quite early, but still I am pulling up my energy!

Football Team T-Shirt

radical crafting


PS: One year ago I was starting language school at EC/ New York… I miss NY so much…


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