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The One With The Packing


I am back for short, for my typwriter’s cramp is not gone for good still… But I feel the need of writing to you.

It is so funny… I’ve got this huge backpack you saw on some pictures before-inside there were clothes for 6 weeks! And when I am going back home for a weekend, it is almost (correcting: it is) even fuller than for my travel :D

But seriously… I am a girl, I have to have several clothes for the weekend, plus shoes- plus I have one gig on sunday morning so therefor I have to take my wellingtons and my guitar and my ukulele with me… Too much stuff- I have to reduce a little bit!

See you hopefully next week.

Finally: I will see Glen Hansard on stage- monday evening… I am so(!!!) excited!!!


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All Apologies

Hey Fellow Readers!

I am sorry to tell but I’ve got a writer’s cramp so I have to be careful with my right arm- played too much guitar yesterday!!! Some posts are prepared but you have to wait for them until I can work on the pictures.

You will know when the next post on my Summer Edition 2012 will follow :)

So sorry to delay- have a great time until then!


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Summer Edition ‘012 Day 27, 24th of August: Rainy f***ing day

Seriously, I really like it here but sometimes it is too much for me as well… This day was like rain all day long until I’ve went to Svenja’s place in the evening. Not nice. I took my guitar with me for I thought I might be playing it somewhere, great idea with the rain!!!



So I went out for breakfast very quickly for I really didn’t like to stay at my host’s flat, so I walked and walked and walkd and out of a sudden there it was: the cafe I was “looking” for in Dublin, you’ve gotta go there definately! It’s called “Accents” and run by a young female beauty. There are like armchairs and couches (very comfortable!) at every table, ont the tables are boardgames or games of cards, you can read a book, pin the place where you come from onto a map in the big room downstairs, or just have a coffee and a carrot cake muffin!

I had just that (with soy milk) and wrote diary. It was such a nice atmosphere I didn’t want to leave at all. There is an acoustic evening every month on fridays but unfortunately the last one was last friday and not today. If you want to visit, here is the adress: 23 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2

I went outside to go for some museums but I kind of had my decicions problem again so I didn’t quite know what to do actually. I went to Trinity College, walked over to the National Gallery to find myself like very hungry and I found another great place which I recommend warmly =)

the weather forecast-irgs

It’s called “Mama’s revenge” and it’s a great place for burritos!!! I had one and probably that was the biggest for this prize! I payed 4,50€ for a value burrito with salsa, sour creme, guacamole, cheese, beans aso. (Right now I had to make a break, was writing in the mourn in Belfast but can’t go on because I’m sleepy… and now I’m drunk… See you soon!)

I went to the National Museum which contains archaeology, egypts, celts aso. It was for free and worth to visit! The building itself has a great architecture! The rain was still falling, I went to St. George Arcade to play some guitar but when I played “The Garden” some guy came and told me to cut it out… So did I, very rebellious, I know! I need to practice on being a real rebellious musician! So I went to Grafton Street when the rain was gone and I played some songs but seriously… Only one guy stood there for a moment and liked it. All the other people walked by…

Before I was up for meeting Svenja I went to the Harbour to go to the Big Ships Festival, because it was raining again there weren’t so many people. If I looked closely to the schedule, Svenja and me would not have missied Ash for free(!!!) this evening!!! But we did.

So I walked to her place, we went shopping at a grocery store and she cooked steamed vegetables for us, we had some wine from the Pfalz and watched 3 movies on TV. It was a great evening although the movies were a little bit crap ;) . I slept at her couch because a) I was really tired b) it was so late c) I didn’t want to sleep at the other place again! Big thanks to her!!!


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