Summer Edition ’012 Day 15, 12th of August: Happy Birthday Mama!!!

Just the best weather for her!!!

(Listening right now to Thees Uhlmann, goodbye Hamburg!) After saying goodbye to the overnight guests we 3 went to Alstervorland because we had a clear blue sky and you never know (good we went immediately!).

It was beautiful, sun shining (I got a little sunburned!), reading my book, sewing pressbuttons onto flowers, taking photos of sailing ships…

Lisa & I went to a photobooth at Feldstrasse which was funny for the photos are pretty funny itself =)

In the afternoon we made mexican like hot dish with nachos, corn, tomato cause, cheese and cream! Delicious. And after that we watched “Frida”- amazing movi! Greats actors and cool style of shooting!

I had to organize some things at the computer and I went to bed after taking a bath very late.

Last night in Hamburg, good night!



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