Summer Edition ’012 Day 14, 11th of August: Last Days Of School

Already 2 weeks on the road, writing right now on my train to Stockholm via Kopenhagen. I already miss Hamburg…

This was the very last day at my summer school a finnisage exhibition with all arts students of the 24th pentiment. It was so great! Not only our dresses with drapings but also the painters, photographers, builders and so on… A girl made a life-sized horse, and it looked although it wrapped in fabric squares so realistic! Great work!

I said farewell to my classmate and of course to Mr. Kondo as well. I finished my crocheted necklace in the morning so I could show them the result of my everyday crocheting =)

Lisa & Martin came with me to the finissage and my aunt Lio also came to meet me. It was such a nice day!

At Lisa’s and Martin’s place akso satyed on old friend Ruth (she had the apprenticeshiop with both of us years ago), her husband and her dog.

Unfortunately I was not really able doing anything in the evening, I had such a big stomach pain…

But the next day promises to be well again =) I am very glad the stuff I produced at summer school are still at Lisa’s place we will somehow manage to send them via post or something like that =)


PS: 1st day it was so warm I could use my new Flip Flops!


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