Summer Edition ‘012 Day 12, 9th of August: Park Fiction

Today I had a gig!!!

Actually I wanted to play a living room concert but that did not happen so Chris and me organized an open air concert very un plugged in a nice area called “Park Fiction” which is near to the “Landungsbrücken”. I had the best view for I was looking straight to the haven of Hamburg. The weather was great ( or at least good) as well, so we kind of had a nice sundown with lots of people, music and wine.

I played something about 13 songs and one hour long, the songs I played:

1 New York
2 California, FU
3 The Garden
4 Happily Ever After
5 Whole
6 Sunglasses During Rain
7 April
8 Chewed-Up Tape
9 Summerromance
10 Killing In The Name Of Valentine
11 Sleep
12 Mr. Johnny Depp
13 Shallow

Before that I was at the Schanze to go to Herr Max finally! But seriously I was expecting more… The cafe was very nice and pretty but the tarte I had was not thaaaaat good. It was ok but that’s all.

So the day was great I can tell, met some new poeple and even an old friend: Peter I (you will know later on, why I numberize him…) from Kaiserslautern wat at the gig, too. With his roommates. That was really nice!

Good night


Edit: Just GREAT!!! I love the health system in GB… not… Today, Sept.25th I went to the doctor again because of my hurting hurting hurting food foot and… I got an x-ray again and… My food foot (what’s the matter with me? Am I hungry?) was actually broken, well the “Kahnbein” aka Os Naviculare but seems to be okay again… And still, I can’t do anything about it :D


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