Summer Edition ‘012 Day 11, 8th of August: Call It Karma

Maria’s birthday today but unfortunately something came in the way for celebrating with her, which was not even worth that I missed it, I am still sorry or that :/

I was at school but did not really have a good run today. Nothing went wrong right! Haha even now I am confused.

Mr. Kondo is giving a lesson how not to wear clothes on a famous example!

Right after school Lisa, Martin & me (that was the good part of the evening) went to a nice part of Hamburg called Bergedorf, to eat at an old friends place.

But there I felt very pressured and I just wanted to leave. Do you remember when you were a kid visiting a friend of your parents and you just wanted to go because there was no one in your age you could play with? I felt just like that! I was nervous, tapping with my feet, checking my phone for the time and so on… Well, there is a little child in all of us, you know.



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