Summer Edition ‘012 Day 10, 7th of August: Falafel

Tuesday did not really differ to Monday, I was at school. Afterwards I went to “Gänsemarkt” to go to Urban Outfitters, I already know the store from New York City, almost one year ago I bought there my beautiful headphones =) Still love them! And the store is great but the thing I wanted to buy was not there and all the other great stuff I couldn’t reall effort.

There I went to a stand with falafel, vegetarian stand. But there was a vegan sauce. So I wanted to know what is in it. Haha!

I asked: “What exactly is in the vegan sauce?”

Man: “Yoghurt & Sesame”

A quite cute boy next to me looked at me and began to laugh, so did I. I was just nodding my head. Was he (the man belonging to the stand) meaning that seriously? If so: poor vegans!

But as I ate the falafel with the “vegan” sauce I knew it actually was vegan! tasted good but not as yoghurt, great =) I love the big cities for their food variations!

Still I did not really find a vegetarian restaurant, besides one near to the Knust.

After that I went home and bought on my way blueberries from a farmer- very tasty!!!


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