Summer Edition ‘012 Day 8, 5th of August: Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba

Today was the day:

When I knew that I will stay for 2 weeks in Hamburg this summer I immediately ordered my ticket fir the usical “The Lion King”.

getting on the ferry

My aunt gave me a voucher for this years and years ago when i turned 18. “The Lion King” was one of the first, maybe the very first, movie I saw in the cinema when I was 6 years old, so 19 years ago! I got the videotape (which was broken so we gave it back unfortunately and I never got it again), the music cassette with almost the whole movie on it, a boardgame (which was pretty cool, wondering where I’ve got it today), a pillow, then the DVD came out and I got this and finally after all these years I saw it on stage and it was beautifully amazing!

The mask & the costumes, the paintings, the stage design, the props where awesome and the singers ans dancers just fascinateingly amazing! When they began with “the circle of life” I was already so excited that I shed a little tear, of joy of coure! And time was running so damn fast!

When I returned to the city (for the musical is on an island) I went straight to Lumas galery where Jenny was working today. I walked down the whole galery and I must say there are some beautiful photographs & painting like arts there. There is also a chair which looks like a little bit of origami. The New York pictures were very nice of course I have to say that!

We walked to the Central Station, we passed a China Festival in front of City Hall and when I got back to Hoheluftbrücke I needed to eat something so I accidentally found a burger restaurant american style (with great kinds of milkshakes, you know…) where I had a delicious Veggie Burger, Fries and a, watch it, coke =)

Now I am sitting at home in the middle of the night because I talked for a long time to Martin. Before that me & Chris decided to make a spontaneous concert (well just me as a musician, he as the motivator for people to come) for this upcoming thursday at Park Fiction! I hope that the weather will be great plus some people will come!



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