Summer Edition ‘012 Day 5, 2nd of August: Exhausting/Lazy Day

I am sitting in a beautiful cafe in the Markstrasse near the Knust, called “Gretchen’s Villa” and I just ordered a piece of cake & a Chai Soy Latte =) And now I am reproducing the day 2 days ago.

Seriously… I have only been to my course and after that I went grocery shopping to spend the evening in front of the TV to watch “The Vampire Diaries” for the first time and accidentally I think the episodes I watched have been the very first, so I started from the top! And maybe this will be something for me…

So after watching 3 episodes I went to bed (alomost fell asleep already)

At school we were making an arm for our tailor-dolls to drape sleeves on them, which was very time intensive so that is  also why I was very tired, butnow I have got an arm!!!


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