Summer Edition ‘012 Day 2, 30th of August: 1st day at summer school

canal next to the university

Sitting at HAW, we’ve got out first break and I think it is amazing!

Hamburg reminded me of New York, Brooklyn in the morning =) So beautiful!!! (reminded me in particular od DeKalb Ave, in the mourn of Brooklyn Flea Market on saturday 19th last year).

When I got to the university, I’m taking the drape course, I was very overwhelmed. The building is a beauty itself! It’s got a nice cafe in it with old seats & couches, old lamps, origai animals aso.

CCTV isn’t watching you yet

First we were origamiing a kangaroo, the another folded thing, in the afternoon we started to drape a skirt with folds in the front which are seperated with a zipper.

After school I walked near the Alster & through a street called “Lange Reihe” where I have to go again!

boy on a buoy?

Finally bought a 2 weeks metro ticket which cost me 49,50 €! As expensive as New York, and NY is much bigger. And still, I have to admit, that Hamburg reminds me so much of NY! I am kind of glad that I am still missing it!

I met Chris at the Schanze and we went for dinner at “Kumpir”, a potato restaurant where I had potato with hummus, salads and so. Very delicious & cheap! Of course I had an “Alster Wasser” =)

actually it is not completely vegetarian, have a look on the menu:

We walked to Knust, Übel &Gefährlich, through St. Pauli and down to the river.

ice-cream first!

In the end I took the wrong subway, of course, and came back home late. Doris was very sleepy so I brought her quickly to bed.


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