Back Home

Hello friends, readers, whatevers!

I am back and so glad to be!

*happyhappy face*

I had an amazing time on the road, met so many old friends, new friends, new people, people whom I also didn’t like so much, poeple with whom I shared hostel rooms and people who let me stay at their place to sleep!

(me and Veronica, who already had some posts on her blog about my visit at her place in beautiful Stockholm)

I saw great landscapes, beautiful cities, cities I didn’t like so much and even hated :D

I played at many open stages, had some small living room concerts and busked on the street as well.

I experienced a kind of magic- there were so many lucky coincidences I don’t really believe myself :D

I was able to see 3(!) musicals in this time, 2 of them running over 10 years on West End and Broadway.

I had amazing food, great beer and tea!

Because I wrote diary every day I will let you know what happend the last 43 days, day by day I let you have a look into my diary and the photos I took. 4 filmrolls are about to be developed (the lomography films- pretty excited about!)

When I am about to start I don’t know yet, for I took loads of photos which I want to edit a little bit and not spam you with all of the almost 7000 (in words: seven thousand!) But I think it’s gonna be this week!

Today was my first day at work, just arrived yestreday but I was very happy, to start work again :) I am happy to be back at the theatre to work, and as a thank you I got a jacket to sew with check patterns, which is really challenging!!! :)



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