Still alive


I am still alive, although I have been to the hospital lately, in Liverpool.

I met two german girls who saved my life there :) Now I am sitting in London, very tired for I was walking the whole day and tomorrow will be the same probably :D

I am looking forward paris, although I dont have a ouchsurfer anymore so I have to look for a hostel or whatever :) we’ll see “what is going to do happen now!”




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5 responses to “Still alive

  1. Oh my goodness, what happened? oO

  2. Dear, you gotta take someone with you to take care of you. ;)

    • haha,
      lucky me… I met 2 german girls from Nuremberg 10 minutes before the accident who went with me to the hospital!!! I was soooo lucky to have met them :) And very glad I am too :)
      Theoretically you are right but I mostly get to know people who love to help me…

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