MSE 2012: The days before departure

OMG… I just looked up all of my post and found THIS VERY ONE to be only a draft… I wanted to post this already in late July :/ Sorry :D But that’s typical me… So I am just about to begin to tell about my vacation :)

Hello! Before I started packing or stuff like that a friend of mine came over to dye my hair once again before vacation. Actually I wanted to turn the blonde part into blue or green but since summer is know as one of the hottest hours around here I decided to stay blonde and brown. This picture happened after another friend of mine braided me my hair very beautifully :)

practicing packing… And looking what fits into my guitar bag as well :)

gifts for my hosts

a goodbye and good journey card from a friend from my town :)

this cute Maneki- Neko was in it :)

me and my collegues :) gonna miss them!

we were also having vegan muffins this week

“the cookies were gone so I went nuts”

Black Forrest Cherry Cake in the most expensive Hotels in the Town

preparing for the north…

actually I stole this sentence, but I really like it :D

giving away my plants for vacation, too.

goodybe dears, see you in 6 weeks!

last evening with Carina and a cold beer at Mensa Garden

a storm was coming up :)

and today summerrain deluxe!

my street, my block, u no what am talking bout

I hope I’ll find time, soon writing to you :)


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