My Summer Edition 2012

As you probably remember from last year, I love travelling very much. Meeting people, getting to know new cultures and seeing other landscapes, cities and so on :)

So I made a plan for myself. I have this wish since some years, travelling on my own through Great Britian. This is going to be happening like very soon! But before that I am going for 2 weeks to Hamburg a city in Germany I do appreciate very much. I am having there a cutting-course at a summer university.

the tickets

After that I am going by train to Stockholm the capital city of Sweden. Since I got to know my friend Veronica 2 years ago in Prague while we were going to the Beatsteaks concert I wanted to 1. learn swedish (I kind of did) and 2. finally go to Sweden (I’ll do).

my journ(ey)al

After staying there for one week I’ll be flying to Dublin the capital city of Ireland.

After that, everything is kind of a blur, but I have some plans as well, the time is kind of free still but the cities I want to visit are set.

Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchster, Liverpool, London. In London I have to be at least on the 5th of September because I bought a train ticket to Paris with the EuroStar. Whoohoo, the Euro Star! I wanted to ride this train since I read about it in my english book in school.

So Paris for 2 days, just like in the movie (and there is just a new one of that, called 2 Days New York).

But this won’t be the last station of my big journey. After Paris I will visit my collegue in Karlsruhe, but Paris will be the last station abroad.

And I am also taking a friend with me, Doris :D And I’m proudly presenting you her:

Doris Foxie

She is looking a little shy (and honstely she ain’t the prettiest) but I already closed her into my heart!

I am pretty exited as you can guess.

6 weeks out of my town.

Ca. 10 cities to visit.

Many couches to sleep on. Oh did I tell that? I am trying to sleep only on couches, I already found some hosts via

So I say Goodbye now to you!!! (although I havent been here some time…)

I hope you’re having a great summer!!!


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