Swap It!

by luloveshandmade

Hey there!

My very dear friend Lu from luvoeshandmade (you know it!) had an idea to swap handmade items with her friends and blog readers. So she asked me, if we two would swap some items and after thinking, because I am pretty busy these days I agreed to swap 3 items with her :)

So I thought what could I craft for her… Thecondition was making something for the topic “spring”… And I am pretty happy that spring has already come and inspired me with so many ideas, I couldn’t do all of them :) But then… I got sick. For a whole week I lay in bed and was not even able to knit or to crochet… I was bored but I didn’t have the energy to do anything :( Finally I got better and I could finish her package in time!

The first item I finished was a pair of crotched flower- earrings. I bought special crocheting yarn in white and rasperry red and with a crocheting pattern I copied a year ago when I was starting to crochet I made these pretty ones :) I am going to start crocheting even more earrings of these kind (not exactly these, but kind of) and maybe also some necklaces or collars :D

Item No. 2 I finished was a painting. I painted an old canvas white, cut out some pretty pictures from a newspaper and glue them right on the wet paint. After it dried I smoothly painted some white paint over it for it would look a bit more ancient. I didn’t really made it well, but I still like it and for Lu loves typewriters and owls I hope she’ll like it, too!

So the last item: Something sewn (of course). And (of course) I had to use the fabric “rosali” from ikea since Lu is really in love with it, I’m sure if she could, she would have it as a wallpaper :D I made a paintbrush-case with several cases for the paintbrushes, and you can even roll it up and  strap it.

I also got her some spring- tea from Alnatura, a handprinted spring-card and 3 buttons from me (Mary Jane Insane buttons).

And this is what I got from her. Saturday morning I had it in the post but I promised her not to open it until she got her package!

I got a sweet apron for my cooking

A garland which is now hanging in my kitchen

Some fabric, buttons and a flamingo (I adore these birds as she knows) pendant :)

Thank you Lu, for the great opportunity! I can only work under pressure which is not so great if you want to do some stuff but you are too lazy, so this “swap” made me doing something, which I wanted to do like all the time… :) And thank you for your nice gifts!


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