Polaroid Time

Hi there!

I have a real passion for analogue photography. I even own a original Polaroid Camera, black with the rainbow stripe on it. I bought it years ago on ebay for 1 Euro!!! Since I have it I have to confess I did not shot one photo but one photo to test the camera :D It is working but I am still searching for cheap cassettes for the camera which is almost an impossible quiz :D

Here are some polaroid pictures friends of mine shot with a real polaroid camera and not a fake instagram or poladroid :D

The first polaroid I was on ;) Some of my best friends visited me for New Year’s Eve 2011 in my old town to celebrate with me (actually I was having a gig but this one was pretty bad and awful so we skipped that!). And still I am so grateful they came!

I love big headphones and I cannot lie :P

this is my polaroid camera I was talking about

one of the first weeks in my, still, new town. Plus: Bad-Hair-Day

“Don’t look into the sun”… haha

There are also some songs about polaroid pictures, there is “Polaroid” by Sunclinch, “Morsches Holz” by Gisbert zu Knyphausen and besides many more “Apoloanthology” by Skagen and here I gonna quote Skagen:

I’m sending this polaroid picture to you to remind you of what I did wrong
You know that I’m sorry- but at the end of the story
The photo album is full and I’m gone

See you…



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3 responses to “Polaroid Time

  1. Lu

    You are sooooooooooooooo sexy in those photos, cannot decide which one I like best! :)

  2. Dass du dich noch an den Skagen-Song erinnerst … :-) Immer wieder Wahnsinn, wenn meine Texte – nach all den Jahren – solche Spuren hinterlassen. Danke dafür, das bedeutet mir etwas! Sascha

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