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P52-12 #11: collection

Since I can remember I collect things like a crazy person :D I collectet stickers, photos, stamps, things and articles or certain bands, cds, fabrics etc… Although I get bored pretty fast by one thing… I can’t put myself in one drawer :D As you would say in german :P

So, this here is for project 52-12 by Sari :) And I chose from all of my collectiosn these here… Lately I found myself collecion nice stamps again and putting them into frames in front of colourful backgrounds :)

Have a great sunday and a much better week!

Tomorrow I can finally go back to work for I was the whole(!) fucking week sick… Back in the saddle again, whoohoo :)

Currently listening to: Sickly to the new album of the Shins! Port of Morrow!

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