Making Of: The Coat #1

This weekend I have been so productive I am really proud of myself :) Besides baking, going to the theatre, painting almost every wooden thing in my room white (I will show in another post), practicing singing and guitar playing I made my coat ready for the first fitting!

This is sort of a diary, while I am making my coat, I am planning since almost 1 year! I’m having it on my mind since I found the 2 perfect fabrics for it in a fabric store in Mainz-Kastel :)

The 1st main-fabric is a dark blue wool and cashmere mixture. The 2nd is a bright red one, also wool. Still I am working on how it will look like in the end, this is a working out in progress ;)

But this is my “main” scetch for the coat… It has got a box pleat in the middle of the back (in red) and a biiiig hood :) I love hoods and don’t have any coats, where there is one added. I still have no ideas about the pockets or how the sleeves will finally look like but who cares?

and yes, I can’t draw that very well :P

My dear college made me the cut, she is pretty good at it, since I tried it on for the first time, it seems like, it is fitting… Tomorrow will be the first fitting with her, she is helping me setting out the alterations.

The Diary:

somewhen in january: fixing the fabric with vlieseline

02/06/2012: cutting the first parts of the outer fabric (blue)

02/07/2012: finish cutting outer fabric

09/02/2012: cutting linning & marking the seams

02/10/2012, 7 pm: begging to sew for 1st fitting

02/10/2012, 8.30 pm: ironing

02/10/2012, 9:15 pm: first fitting for myself

02/10/2012, 9:20 pm: sewing sleeves

02/10/2012, 9:45 pm: finish sleeves-> setting them into coat

and here I am:



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2 responses to “Making Of: The Coat #1

  1. Lu

    Hach, der Schnitt sieht so toll aus!!!

    • Ja, der ist auch echt super. Mussten nur sehr wenig ändern, ich mach jetzt die Abänderungen und werd dann die weiteren Schritte machen, Kapuze wird aber erst später konstruiert ;)

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